Transportation and Mobility Research Video Playlist Text Versions

The following list provides text versions of the videos in NREL's transportation and mobility research YouTube playlist.

NREL Accelerates Sustainable Aviation Solutions

How Improving Battery Manufacturing and Recycling Can Help Save the World, One Ion at a Time (Text Version)

The Future of Energy Savings Draws on Power Electronics (Text Version)

Sustainable Transportation Capabilities and Impacts of the USAID-NREL Partnership (Text Version)

Transforming the Clean Energy Supply Chain (Text Version)

NREL's Fuels and Combustion Research Enables a Cleaner Aviation Sector to Take Flight (Text Version)

NREL Mobility Equity (Text Version)

NREL and Google Maps Team Up to Reduce Emissions and Combat Climate Change (Text Version)

NREL's Vision for the Future: Circular Economy for Energy Materials (Text Version)

NREL Mobility Behavioral Scientist Examines the Human Side of Transportation (Text Version)

Running on Renewables: NREL's Bold Vision for Decarbonizing Transportation (Text Version)

Mobility Energy Productivity Metric Video (Text Version)

Sustainable Transportation Energy Basics (Text Version)

ARPA-E and The Connected Traveler: A Framework to Reduce Energy Use in Transportation (Text Version)

Modeling Future Scenarios to Make Airport Travel More Efficient (Text Version)

NREL Sustainable Mobility: The Transportation World Beyond Tomorrow Is Here Today (Text Version)

Hydrogen Energy Basics (Text Version)

NREL Steers America Toward Energy Independence Video (Text Version)

NREL Power Electronics R&D Paves the Way for Better Electric Cars (Text Version)

NREL Blows Up Batteries to Make the World Safer (Text Version)

NREL Fuels and Engines R&D Revs Up Vehicle Efficiency, Performance (Text Version)

NREL Power Electronics Thermal Management and Packaging Reliability (Text Version)

NREL, Industry Collaboration To Usher in New Wave of Autonomous Vehicle Research (Text Version)

Hydrogen Infrastructure Testing and Research Facility Video (Text Version)

Electric Roads Animation (Text Version)