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Research Staff

With 150 members, NREL's transportation research team provides the scientific building blocks needed to spur mobility innovation through fundamental research and engineering. Learn how to work with us.

Photo of John Farrell

John Farrell

Laboratory Program Manager, Vehicle Technologies

John Farrell joined NREL in 2013 as laboratory program manager for vehicle technologies, overseeing NREL’s cross-cutting research in the sustainable transportation arena. | 303-275-4434

Photo of Chris Gearhart.

Chris Gearhart

Center Director II-Technical

Chris Gearhart joined NREL in 2012 as director of the Hydrogen Technologies and Systems Center. In 2013 he was appointed to his current position as director of NREL's Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences, where he manages a staff of 150 scientists and engineers developing advanced transportation technologies. | 303-275-3830

Name Position Email Phone        
Bennion, Kevin Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4447
Burton, Jon Research Engineer - Task Leader 303-275-3154
Dafoe, Wendy Program Manager V-Research 303-275-4470
Eger, Rob Researcher IV-Software Development 303-275-4554
Farrell, John Laboratory Program Manager, Vehicle Technologies 303-275-4434
Farrington, Rob Strategic Planning and Business Development 303-275-4448
Finegan, Donal Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4866
Gearhart, Chris Center Director II-Technical 303-275-3830
Gonder, Jeffrey Group Manager: Mobility, Behavior and Advanced Powertrains 303-275-4462
Hunter, Chad Researcher III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-2925
Kelly, Kenneth Acting Group Manager - Advanced Vehicles & Charging Infrastructure Department 303-275-4465
Keyser, Matthew Group Manager III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3876
Kreutzer, Cory Group Manager III-Systems Engineering 303-275-3772
Kurtz, Jennifer Chief Researcher I-Systems Engineering 303-275-4061
Leighton, Daniel Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-4180
Levene, Johanna Group Manager III-Data Science 303-275-2922
Mann, Margaret Group Manager III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-2921
McCormick, Robert Senior Research Fellow I-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4432
Meintz, Andrew Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3179
Muerdter, Nick Researcher V-Software Development 303-275-4459
Muratori, Matteo Team Lead - Integrated Transportation and Energy Systems Analysis 303-275-2927
Narumanchi, Sreekant Group Manager III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4062
Pesaran, Ahmad Chief Energy Storage Engineer 303-275-4441
Melendez, Margo Manager - Transportation Technology Integration 303-275-4479
Romero Lankao, Patricia Researcher V-Environmental Engineering 303-275-4175
Santhanagopalan, Shriram Researcher VI-Materials Science 303-275-3944
Sears, Ted Program Manager V-Research 202-488-2221
Smith, Kandler Researcher VI-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4423
Sprik, Sam Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4431
Thornburg, Nick Postdoctoral Researcher - Chemical Reaction Engineering & Heterogeneous Catalysis 303-275-4885
Thornton, Matthew Group Research Manager III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4273
Wipke, Keith Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies LPM 303-275-4451
Wood, Eric Researcher IV-Data Science 303-275-3290
Young, Stanley Advanced Transportation & Urban Scientist 303-275-3283
Zigler, Brad Researcher VI-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4267