Power Electronics and Electric Machines

NREL's power electronics and electric machines research focuses on systems for electric-drive vehicles (EDVs) that control the flow of electricity between the battery, the motor, and other powertrain components.

Our scientists and engineers work closely with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and other research organizations to develop technologies that overcome the most challenging technical barriers to EDV commercialization.

Research and Development

We provide the scientific building blocks needed to spur EDV innovation through fundamental power electronics and electric machine research and engineering.

Electric motor thermal management

Power electronics thermal management

Electric-drive vehicle thermal performance benchmarking

Power electronics packaging reliability


NREL researchers publish journal articles, conference papers, and reports about power electronics and electric machines R&D.

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Thermal Management Experimentation and Modeling

Our world-class facilities and equipment enable innovative experimental and modeling capabilities for power electronics and electric motor thermal management and performance.

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Electric-Drive Vehicle Innovation for the Future

EDVs rely heavily on power electronics to distribute the proper amount and type of power into and out of the appropriate subsystem at the appropriate time. Examples of power electronics components include inverters, converters, and chargers. Power electronics also determine the exact nature and timing of the current and voltage waveforms to the motor.

NREL's research works to decrease EDV system costs and improve power electronic component and system performance, reliability, and efficiency—the keys to making wide-scale adoption of EDVs more feasible.