Mobility Behavioral Science

NREL's behavioral science research takes a holistic, human-centric approach to examining urban patterns, with a focus on the interactions among people, mobility, the built environment, and energy systems.

Circular infographic with a triangle in the middle containing an icon of a human head with a gear-shaped brain and a heart at its center; under the head are a gavel, four people (one of whom is in wheelchair), a globe, and the words “Zero-Carbon Societies.” Around the main circle perimeter are three smaller circles representing the built environment, the grid, and e-mobility. The main circle is split into three arcs representing decarbonized infrastructure, decarbonized electricity, and decarbonized fleet. Inside each main circle arcs are icons representing an electric vehicle charger and solar and wind power feeding electricity into building with an electric vehicle charging near the building (within the decarbonized infrastructure arc); buildings in city, solar and wind power connected to utility grid and battery, and a solar-powered house (within the decarbonized electricity arc); and a train, heavy-duty truck, shuttle, car, battery, charging station, a solar panel, and a wind turbine (within the decarbonized fleet arc).

NREL's innovative research improves the collective understanding of how people will respond to technology transitions and dynamic new mobility service offerings across spatial and temporal scales in diverse and varied communities across the nation. Ultimately, it sheds light on the way people will adopt (or fail to adopt) scientific, technological, and policy innovations and how this, in turn, affects urban sustainability and resilience.

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Urban mobility electrification

Urban climate change

Urban mobility and equity

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NREL published journal articles, conference papers, and reports about behavioral science.

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