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Power Electronics and Electric Machines Facilities

NREL's power electronics and electric machines thermal management test facilities feature a wide range of equipment and enable world-class experimental and modeling capabilities. NREL researchers excel at testing and measurement in the areas of heat transfer, reliability characterization, and thermal and thermomechanical modeling.

The following list describes NREL's innovative testing capabilities and equipment.

A photo of four researchers in discussion around a piece of testing equipment.

Power electronics researchers use NREL's extensive experimental and modeling capabilities to develop new technologies and improve current processes.
Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL

A photo of a researcher in safety glasses using a large piece of testing equipment.

Testing the performance of new and emerging coolants is one area of focus in NREL's power electronics and electric machines labs.
Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL

Heat Transfer Experimentation

  • Single-phase liquid cooling
  • Two-phase liquid cooling
  • Oil-cooling test bench
  • Fundamental air-cooling heat transfer test bench
  • Air-cooled system test bench
  • High-speed digital video

Thermal Characterization

  • Thermal interface materials test stand
  • Infrared imaging
  • Xenon flash
  • Transient thermoreflectance technique
  • Transient thermal tester
  • Differential scanning calorimeter
  • Large calorimeter

Electrical Characterization

  • ABC 1000 dual-channel power supply
  • High-potential tester

Accelerated Testing

  • Environmental chamber/cycler
  • Vertical thermal shock chamber
  • Benchtop thermal cycle testing array
  • Accelerated stress test chamber

Reliability and Mechanical Characterization

  • C-mode scanning acoustic microscope
  • Digital microscope
  • Laser profilometer
  • Multifunction bond tester
  • Mechanical tester

Sample Synthesis

  • Hot-press for synthesis of bonded interfaces
  • Vacuum solder reflow station
  • Vacuum oven


  • Thermal modeling
  • Thermomechanical modeling

For more information about NREL's power electronics facilities, equipment, and expertise, contact Sreekant Narumanchi.