Energy Storage

NREL innovations accelerate development of high-performance, cost-effective, and safe energy storage systems to power the next generation of electric-drive vehicles (EDVs).

We deliver cost-competitive solutions that put new EDVs on the road. By addressing energy storage issues in the R&D stages, we help carmakers offer consumers affordable, high-performance hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric vehicles.


Research and Development


NREL researchers publish journal articles, conference papers, and reports about energy storage R&D.


To learn about NREL's state-of-the-art labs and equipment, see energy storage research facilities.

Battery Modeling and Analysis Tools

Our tools accelerate the development of advanced energy storage and battery technologies and systems. Ultimately, they'll help maximize the energy savings and on-road performance of EDVs.

BLAST: Battery Lifetime Analysis and Simulation Tool Suite

Pairs NREL's high-fidelity battery degradation model with electrical and thermal performance models specific to batteries and larger systems.

Battery Second-Use Repurposing Cost Calculator

Explores the effects of different repurposing strategies and assumptions on the economics of battery second use.

Isothermal Battery Calorimeters

Provides precise thermal measurements needed for safer, longer-lasting and more cost-effective EDV batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery Secondary Pore Network Design Optimization Analytical Diffusion Model

Improves battery performance and enables fast charging.

Battery Failure Databank

Provides experiment data and high-speed X-ray videos from around 300 abuse tests conducted on lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Technology Innovation for the Future

Although NREL dedicates much of its energy storage R&D to perfecting Li-ion battery technology, we recognize the importance of constant innovation. Thus, we continue to explore new options, including organic liquid, solid-state, lithium-air, and magnesium-ion battery technologies.


Matthew Keyser

Manager, Electrochemical Energy Storage