Vehicle Thermal Management

NREL works with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and fleet partners to research energy-efficient solutions to climate control and thermal system challenges.

Research and Development

Image of two cars and three semi cabs in a parking lot with a testing meter.

NREL's thermal management research helps optimize the thermal performance of light-duty and heavy-duty conventional and electric-drive vehicles. Researchers explore advanced approaches to climate control—such as improvements to cabin insulation; window systems; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems—to increase fuel economy while maintaining passenger comfort.

Light-duty vehicle thermal management

Heavy-duty vehicle thermal management

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NREL publishes journal articles, conference papers, and reports about vehicle thermal management research.

Vehicle Thermal Management Modeling Tools

NREL's vehicle thermal management modeling tools allow researchers to assess the trade-offs and calculate the potential benefits of thermal design options.


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Jason Lustbader

Manager, Advanced Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure Group