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Truck Stop Electrification Evaluation

Photo of series of truck stop electrification pedestals near highway with heavy-duty truck parked in the background.

NREL is monitoring the use of truck stop electrification sites across the nation.
Photo courtesy of Shorepower Technologies

NREL is evaluating and documenting the use of 50 truck stop electrification (TSE) sites along the busiest transportation corridors in the United States.

Truck drivers typically idle their vehicles during mandated rest periods to maintain access to air conditioning, heat, and electricity. TSE sites allow truckers to enjoy these auxiliary systems by plugging into the electric grid instead of running their engines.

Site usage will be monitored for three years to study patterns across the trucking industry and to determine if electrified truck parking offers a viable alternative for reducing the nation's dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided funding for these TSE sites which feature electric power pedestals at 1,250 truck parking spaces and for rebates to upgrade 5,000 long-haul trucks for drivers who agreed to use the sites.


NREL publishes technical reports about TSE and vehicle performance.

More Information

Visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center to learn more about truck stop electrification.

View an map of TSE sites across the United States.