NREL Mobility Equity (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video NREL Mobility Equity.

Voiceover: The United States … we're a nation on the go.

Millions of people. From different backgrounds … Going after not just the American dream but their own American dream.

Mobility equity puts those dreams in reach.

It's about freedom of movement … for everyone on their own terms.

Unfortunately, people can hit not just speed bumps but roadblocks in getting where they need to go. This isn't just an inconvenience. It affects health, safety, earning potential, and overall quality of life.

That's why NREL transportation researchers are working hard to identify and eliminate barriers and explore how energy-efficiency can be integrated into mobility equity solutions. One size doesn't fit all.

The lab's approach considers the needs of diverse groups to address each distinct set of issues.

Building relationships with community partners, listening first to identify needs and priorities, is at the root of all NREL's mobility equity efforts.

The lab collaborates with underserved communities on the planning process, then takes this information back to the lab to examine options for more convenient, affordable, efficient, and clean transportation that meets each group's needs.

They're looking at everything from traditional transit systems to new vehicle and infrastructure designs, ownership versus sharing models, and information technology that connects individuals with transportation options.

Transportation mobility is upward mobility.

It translates into better, higher-paying jobs; increased housing options; and other opportunities to prosper.

Mobility equity: it's good for everyone; it's good for the planet.

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