Feature Stories

The following feature stories take an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how NREL is advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

December 2016

Dec. 15, 2016

Lightening Soldiers' Loads by Lifting PV Cells onto Flexible Surfaces

Two thousand years ago, Roman legionnaires lugged 100-pound packs into battle. A lot has changed since then, but technology hasn't really reduced an infantryman's load. On the battlefield, mobility is critical--but a typical, modern Marine may shoulder an 80-pound backpack containing 20 pounds of back-up batteries for an array of electronics.

November 2016

Nov. 28, 2016

NREL Adds Solar Array Field to Help Inform Consumers

Solar panels at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are ubiquitous to the point of practically being invisible, but new rows of photovoltaic (PV) modules installed on the southern edge of campus are intended to attract attention.

Nov. 4, 2016

Forest Service Turns to NREL for Help Fighting Fires More Sustainably

The forest was on fire, but Alicen Kandt didn't see what she had expected.

October 2016

Oct. 26, 2016

NREL Innovation Showcase Helps Move Start-ups Closer to Market

Through several programs at numerous Department of Energy (DOE) National Labs, researchers are working with clean technology entrepreneurs on the innovative technologies that will shape our nation's clean energy future; but this type of big thinking extends far beyond the research lab.

Oct. 11, 2016

NREL's Solar Radiation Research Laboratory Offers a Mesa-Top Home for Global Measurement Accuracy

The NREL Pyrheliometer Comparisons help ensure that the devices scientists use for measuring solar irradiance are properly calibrated.

September 2016

Sept. 16, 2016

From Pacific Islands to Ground Zero of Hurricane Sandy, Embedded NREL Staff Gain Experience As They Share Expertise

NREL staffers embed in the field with global organizations, providing knowledge while gaining experience.

August 2016

Aug. 29, 2016

NREL Research Puts the Wind at an Industry's Back

NREL collaboration with industry partners brings wind energy that is more reliable, more affordable, and better for the environment.

Aug. 25, 2016

NREL Helps the National Park Service Celebrate Its Birthday with Clean Energy

As the National Park Service (NPS) marks its centennial on August 25, NREL is helping the NPS enhance the park experience by providing cleaner air and contributing to a healthier environment.

July 2016

July 27, 2016

Happy Accident Keeps a Would-Be Teacher at NREL as a PV Leader

Sarah Kurtz's dream of being a university professor is on hold while she pursues her passion for solar energy at the National Center for Photovoltaics.

June 2016

June 21, 2016

NREL Engineers Look for a Cool Way to Make AC Units an Affordable Snap

NREL engineers Chuck Booten and Jon Winkler plan to make home air conditioners better and more energy efficient with a simple, split installation.

June 7, 2016

Ph.D. in Hand, Postdocs Explore Their Futures

Researchers come from across the globe for opportunity to work at lab.

May 2016

May 27, 2016

Middle Schoolers Dream Big with Their Solar- and Battery-Powered Cars

Dreamers from 57 Colorado middle school teams gathered in a checkered-flag bedecked gym to race electric cars—and chase visions of the future.

May 23, 2016

National Labs Gather at NREL for Innovative Summit

Idea behind meeting to expand relationships with industry.

May 16, 2016

NREL Helping the Bureau of Land Management Dive Further into Hot Water

Geothermal program boosted by greater access to data.

April 2016

April 14, 2016

Researcher's Love for Science Starts with a Bang and Continues to Sizzle

NREL research fellow and chief scientist Dave Ginley's passion for science began at an early age—and continues to burn.

March 2016

March 30, 2016

NREL Supports Native American Tribes in Clean Energy Transformational Leadership

From the subzero tundra in Alaska to the Southwest, NREL is partnering with Native American tribes and Alaska Native villages to advance clean energy goals.

March 21, 2016

LDRD Program Gives NREL Researchers Path Toward Innovation

Funding source provides scientists with method to propel progress forward.

March 8, 2016

Colorado School Earns Return Trip to National Science Bowl

Ridgeview Classical Charter School scores convincing victory at Colorado Science Bowl to secure trip to national competition.

February 2016

Feb. 4, 2016

Claims for Solar Cell Efficiency Put to Test at NREL

Record numbers carefully vetted by scientists to assure accuracy.

January 2016

Jan. 22, 2016

NREL Launches Sustainable Mobility Initiative, Joins CDOT Partnership

NREL initiative approaches sustainable transportation as an integrated system, where travelers and transportation resources are viewed as a dynamic network.

Jan. 4, 2016

NREL's Cybersecurity Initiative Aims to Wall Off the Smart Grid from Hackers

NREL is working with two-way power grid communications technologies, which can act like an independent "electricity-only Internet."


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