Bold Leadership To Transform Sustainable Transportation and Mobility Research

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Federal Investments Catalyze RD&D, Actions To Decarbonize Transportation

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John Farrell

Federal investments from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act have provided unprecedented backing to the nation’s clean energy future. At NREL, this has reinvigorated our efforts to catalyze transformative technological change that will remake the U.S. transportation system as we know it. Prioritizing projects that allow us to advance both an efficient—and equitable—transportation system that is inclusive and accessible to all remains central to NREL’s mission and strategy.

There's no denying we’re in the midst of a clean transportation revolution like we haven’t seen in decades. Armed with these concrete investments in clean energy solutions, I’m heartened by the prospects of the road ahead: This is our chance to make a lasting impact, and NREL is leading the charge.

John Farrell
Laboratory Program Manager
Vehicle Technologies

Leadership and Collaboration

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These featured efforts represent a selection of our leadership and collaborative accomplishments. For more details on these and other efforts, download the full report.

Solutions and Strategies

Initiatives and Consortia

Institutional Investments

NREL's ARIES Platform Aims To De-Risk Airport's Transition to Electrified Transportation and Buildings

The new Athena Zero-Emissions Vehicles project, which officially launched in August 2023, will leverage NREL's world-class Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems (ARIES) platform to evaluate sophisticated transportation technology solutions to meet Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport’s ambitious electrification goals—initially focusing on rental car fleets—while maintaining a reliable energy supply for other critical infrastructure operations before the airport invests in real-world deployment.

Electric Vehicle Research Infrastructure Platform Evolves To Address Critical Needs

With advanced equipment and software, the Electric Vehicle Research Infrastructure Facilities evaluation platform enabled researchers and industry stakeholders to study and develop a new generation of electrified transportation technologies within the context of a larger energy ecosystem.

Game-Changing Batteries Research Unlocks Potential for Sustainable Electrified Transportation

A new era of sustainable electrification is on the horizon, largely supported by NREL's breakthrough battery research and capabilities. NREL experts are meeting complex challenges in energy storage that span technology readiness levels—from atom-scale materials science to full-scale systems.

Research Highlights

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Read about featured projects, which represent only a small sample of our R&D accomplishments. For more details on these and other highlights, download the full report.


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These featured awards represent a small sample of recognition received. For more details on these and other awards, download the full report.

Wendy Dafoe

Wendy Dafoe received a Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office.

Doug DeVoto

Doug DeVoto received a Distinguished Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office.

Bidzina Kekelia

Bidzina Kekelia has been elevated to a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Matt Keyser

Matt Keyser was named an NREL Distinguished Member of Research Staff for making the lab an R&D leader in batteries and energy storage.

Sreekant Narumanchi

Sreekant Narumanchi received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Avram Bar-Cohen Memorial Medal.

Gilbert Moreno

Gilbert Moreno has been awarded two patents this year for cutting-edge developments in thermal management technologies.

Matteo Muratori

Matteo Muratori received the Secretary of Energy Achievement Award for contributions to the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge.

Patricia Romero-Lankao

Paty Romero-Lankao was appointed to the National Academies Board on Energy and Environmental Systems’ Deep Decarbonization Committee.

K. Shankari

K. Shankari has been named the second-ever Outstanding Early Career Scientist through the CO-LABS Governor's Award for High-Impact Research.


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Total Publications
Total Average Journal Impact Factor
Total Technical Reports and Journals

R&D Team

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Meet our multidisciplinary team of researchers and leaders across NREL, transforming vehicle technologies for the future.

Robert McCormick
Advanced Biofuels and Combustion

Monte Lunacek
Data Sciences

John Kisacikoglu
Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

Kandler Smith
Energy Storage
Systems Data Science and Modeling

Rob Tenent
Energy Storage
Advanced Cathode Material Development

Andrew Colclasure
Energy Storage
Materials Development and Modeling

Ted Sears
Legislative/Regulatory Support

Stan Young
Mobility Systems

Doug DeVoto and Gilbert Moreno
Power Electronics and Electric Machines

Wendy Dafoe
Technology Integration/Clean Cities

Eric Wood
Vehicle Modeling and Analysis

Nicholas Rorrer
Lightweight and Recyclable Composite Materials

Johney B. Green
Associate Lab Director
Mechanical and Thermal Engineering Sciences

John Farrell
Laboratory Program Manager
Vehicle Technologies Office

Chris Gearhart
Integrated Mobility Sciences

Gina Fioroni
Group Manager
Fuels and Combustion Science

Jeff Gonder
Group Manager
Mobility, Behavior, and Advanced Powertrains

Ken Kelly
Chief Engineer
Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Faisal Khan
Principal Researcher
Power Electronics

Johanna Levene
Group Manager
Transportation Applications and Data Analysis

Jason Lustbader
Group Manager (Acting)
Advanced Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

Margaret Mann
Group Manager
Mobility Infrastructure and Impacts Analysis

Andrew Meintz
Chief Engineer
EV Charging and Grid Integration

Margo Melendez
Group Manager
Sustainable Technology Integration

Matteo Muratori
Group Manager
Transportation Energy Transition Analysis

Sreekant Narumanchi
Group Manager
Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Machines

Jao Van de Lagemaat
Chemistry and Nanoscience

Nate Neale
Group Manager
Interfacial Materials Chemistry

Ray Grout
Computational Science

Marc Day
Group Manager
High-Performance Algorithms and Complex Fluids

Wesley Jones
Group Manager
Scientific Computing

Kristi Potter
Group Manager
Data, Analysis and Visualization

Juliane Mueller
Group Manager
AI, Learning, and Intelligent Systems

Matt Keyser
Group Manager
Electrochemical Energy Storage

Ahmad Pesaran
Chief Engineer
Energy Storage

Tony Burrell
Chief Technologist
Energy Storage

Ben Kroposki
Power Systems Engineering

Adam Bratis
Associate Lab Director
Bioenergy Science and Technology

Juan Torres
Associate Lab Director
Energy Systems Integration

Bill Tumas
Associate Lab Director
Materials, Chemical, and Computational Sciences


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Full Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report

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