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Margaret Mann

Group Manager III-Decision Support Analysis

| 303-275-2921
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Margaret Mann joined NREL in 1993 and currently leads the transportation infrastructure analysis team in NREL's Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences, working to develop and coordinate integrated R&D on infrastructure tools, analysis, data, and demonstration projects spanning multiple technology areas such as light- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification, hydrogen fuel cells, and electric vehicle grid integration. Previously she served as technical director for NREL's Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center and as manager for the technology systems and sustainability analysis group in NREL's Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

During her tenure at NREL, she has contributed to the development of systematic methods for credible and objective technology analysis. She has conducted technoeconomic analyses of more than fifty energy technologies, including power generation from renewables, distributed generation, battery storage, and transportation. Additionally, she has performed numerous environmental life cycle assessments and supply chain analyses to determine the big-picture impacts of renewable and energy-efficient systems and has developed resource use characterization methodologies for analyzing the various and competing uses of limited resources such as water, land, materials, and installed infrastructure.

Research Interests

Technical and economic feasibility analysis

Environmental life cycle assessment of renewable energy and conventional technologies

Transportation infrastructure analysis

Battery storage analysis for electric vehicle charging

Global supply chain analysis

Strategic planning for market development


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado

Professional Experience

National Renewable Energy Laboratory:

Manager, Transportation Infrastructure Analysis Team (2018–Present)

Technical Director, Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (2015–2018)

Manager, Technology Systems and Sustainability Analysis Group (2007–2015)

Engineering Analyst (1993–2014)

Golden Technologies Corporation, Process Engineer (1991–1993)

Featured Work

Manufacturing Competitiveness Analysis for Hydrogen Refueling Stations, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2019)

The Case for Recycling: Overview and Challenges in the Material Supply Chain for Automotive Li-ion Batteries, Sustainable Materials and Technologies (2019)

Cost Modelling for Energy Efficient Window Replacements(2019)

Global Value Chain and Manufacturing Analysis on Geothermal Power Plant Turbines (2018)

Regional Manufacturing Cost Structures and Supply Chain Considerations for SiC Power Electronics in Medium Voltage Motor Drives (2018)

Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing (2017)

Ensuring Benefits from North American Shale Gas Development: Towards a Research Agenda, Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources (2014)

Multi-Metric Sustainability Analysis (2014)

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