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Learn about NREL’s director, associate lab directors, and the full leadership team below.

NREL is managed for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC, a partnership between Battelle and MRIGlobal. Read about our research fellows, or find research staff by visiting our various program areas

A photo of Martin Keller.

Martin Keller

Director and Alliance President

Keller is NREL's ninth director and also serves as the president of the Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC.

A photo of Julie Baker.

Julie Baker

Deputy Laboratory Director and Chief Operating Officer

Baker guides laboratory operations and assesses the effectiveness of business systems and infrastructure in supporting mission outcomes and NREL's vision.

A photo of Peter Green.

Peter Green

Deputy Laboratory Director

Science and Technology

Green is responsible for NREL's science and research goals, strengthening the laboratory's core capabilities, and enhancing NREL's research portfolio.

Photo of Douglas J. Arent, Deputy Associate Lab Director, Scientific Computing and Energy Analysis

Douglas J. Arent

Executive Director
Strategic Public-Private Partnerships

A photo of Owen Barwell.

Owen Barwell

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Dan Beckley.

Dan Beckley

Associate Lab Director
Facilities and Operations

A photo of Adam Bratis.

Adam Bratis

Associate Lab Director
Bioenergy Science and Technology

A photo of Bill Farris

Bill Farris

Associate Lab Director
Innovation Partnering and Outreach

A photo of Johney Green

Johney Green

Associate Lab Director
Mechanical and Thermal Engineering Sciences

A photo of Robert Leland.

Robert Leland

Associate Lab Director
Scientific Computing and Energy Analysis

A photo of Dave Mooney.

Dave Mooney

Executive Director
Institutional Planning, Integration, And Development

A photo of Brent Olson.

Brent Olson


Office of Internal Audit

A photo of John Stolpa.

John Stolpa

General Counsel

A photo of Juan Torres

Juan Torres

Associate Lab Director
Energy Systems Integration

A photo of Bill Tumas

Bill Tumas

Associate Lab Director
Materials, Chemical, and Computational Science