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Researching energy systems and technologies—and the science behind them—for a future powered by clean energy.


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Photo of the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Systems Integration Facility at NREL.

Energy Systems Integration Facility

The only facility in the nation focused on utility-scale clean energy grid integration. Learn More

National Bioenergy Center

National Center for Photovoltaics

National Wind Technology Center

Innovation Impact

Innovation Impact

Explore NREL's clean energy innovations.

2016 R&D 100 Awards

NREL engineers Chuck Booten and Jon Winkler with the EcoSnap AC in their lab.

EcoSnap-AC Heat Pump System

An alternative to window-mounted air conditioning units, the device is quieter, more energy efficient, heats and cools, doesn't jeopardize home security, easy to install, and can be left in place year-round.

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NREL researchers, Matthew Keyser and Ahmad Pesaran with the battery internal short-circuit device in the lab.

Battery Internal Short-Circuit Device

This device simulates a true internal short circuit within a battery cell, providing researchers with reliable data to determine how the size, resistance, and location of an internal short circuit will affect safety measures implemented in new battery designs.

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NREL senior engineer and researcher Kevin Bennion receives an R&D 100 Award.

High-Temperature, Wide Bandgap Underhood Inverter

Wolfspeed's inverter is a traction drive for electric vehicles that could significantly boost their adoption by consumers. The company's partnership with NREL and Toyota ensures that the technology is adoptable for implementation into vehicle applications.

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