As the only federal laboratory dedicated to clean energy research and development, NREL is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers find the most energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for their products and processes.

Our scientific and engineering research in advanced manufacturing is focused on the identification and development of advanced materials and advanced processes that drive the impact of new energy technologies. Our world-class manufacturing analysis yields insights that support industry decisions about R&D targets, investment strategies, and policy evaluation.

We partner with industry to bridge innovation gaps in advanced manufacturing research, helping to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation technologies and processes. We also have facilities dedicated to the R&D needs of manufacturers and other facilities that have the flexibility to adapt to those needs.

Request for Information

NREL has issued a request for information on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy to solicit feedback for Stage 2 of the 
Conductivity-enhanced materials for Affordable, Breakthrough, Leapfrog Electric and thermal applications (CABLE) Conductor Manufacturing Prize.

Learn more, and submit your response to the CABLE Stage 2 request for information.