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PEAK PERFORMANCE: In just under a minute (54.4 seconds), Eagle can do as many calculations as there have been seconds in the universe (4.352e17 seconds).
Infographic: Eagle vs. Peregrine Supercomputer Stack-Up
Screenshot of the Eagle video play
The Eagle Has Landed
Screenshot of the data center video play
NREL Data Center Cuts Water Use in Half With Hybrid Thermosyphon

The NREL Computational Science Center leads the lab's efforts to solve energy challenges using high-performance computing (HPC), computational science, applied mathematics, scientific data management, visualization, and informatics.

NREL's computational science staff uses advanced computing capabilities to address scientific and engineering challenges in fields ranging from condensed matter physics and nonlinear dynamics to computational fluid dynamics.

NREL is also home to the most energy-efficient data center in the world, featuring NREL's newest HPC system, Eagle, which has a peak performance of 8.0 petaflops. Learn more about Eagle.