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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Are you a recent Ph.D. graduate with practical training in science or engineering? Do you have demonstrated abilities and an interest in R&D related to NREL's mission? If so, we may have an opportunity for you.

One intern and one researcher in a lab at the ESIF.

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Research Participant Program

NREL's Research Participant Program is actively seeking qualified postdocs for temporary researcher appointments. As a postdoctoral researcher, you'll have the opportunity to receive advanced training from a mentor and to enhance your professional skills. The appointment also would support the research independence required to pursue your chosen career path.

NREL's Research Participant Program postdoctoral researcher appointments typically last for one year. During this time, postdoctoral researchers work under the supervision of a senior scholar or a department mentor with access to world-class laboratory equipment. Based on program needs and funding availability, extensions for postdoctoral researchers may be granted up to a maximum of three years.

Because this program is considered preparation for a full-time academic and/or research career, participants are expected to publish research results during the period of the appointment.   

Submission Requirements

Resumes are accepted for specific open positions, as well as year-round for possible placement. Applicants are required to provide:

  • Cover letter stating areas of interest
  • Current resume with list of publications.

If you're an international or foreign national applicant, see information on visas and immigration.


Postdoctoral researchers may be eligible for some relocation expenses for the participant, their spouse, and/or dependent children if applicable.

Research Participant Program participants may also be eligible for NREL benefits.


Please direct questions or requests for information to Danelle Wilder.