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Science and Technology Highlights

Take a look at recent research highlights to learn how NREL scientists are solving energy challenges and helping transform our energy future.

Grand Challenges in Wind Energy

Unleashing Perovskite Potential

Benefits of Agrivoltaics

Overcoming the Copper Barrier

Terawatt-Scale Photovoltaics

Big News for Water-Splitting Tech

Bringing Solar Tech Down to Earth

Mirror, Mirror, on the Solar Cell

Big Leap for Quantum Dot Solar Cells

More Highlights

Path to Hundreds of New Nitrides

Breakthrough Boosts Perovskites

Data Moves Algae Industry Forward

Lightweight Solar Can Be Flexible

Route to Sustainable Fuel Unlocked

Closing the Methane Measurement Gap

Enzymes Get Plant to Product Faster

Envisioning Net-Zero Emissions

Wake Effects Impact Wind Facilities