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Stanley Young

Advanced Transportation & Urban Scientist

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Stanley Young, an advanced transportation and urban scientist, joined NREL’s Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences in 2015. He manages the lab’s research efforts on the impacts of new mobility systems, particularly in urban areas. He also serves as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) technologist-in-city for the Columbus Smart City program. 

Young also leads the Urban Science pillar in DOE’s Systems and Modeling for Accelerated Research in Transportation (a.k.a. SMART) Mobility research initiative. As pillar lead, he initiated the development of the Automated Mobility District toolkit to assess the mobility and energy impacts of automated electric shuttles and other district-scale automated mobility systems. He also provided guidance and vision for the development of the Mobility Energy Productivity metric, which has become the central metric through which DOE’s Energy Efficient Mobility Systems program is assessed.

From 2006 to 2015, while on staff at the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, he architected a multi-state traffic monitoring system based on vehicles self-reporting their position and speed. The system, known as the I-95 Vehicle Probe Project, is the largest multi-state traffic monitoring system in the country. He also co-developed and patented a Bluetooth re-identification traffic sensor to directly sample vehicle travel times and co-founded Traffax Inc. to accelerate the commercialization of the technology.

Research Interests

Urban science

Energy efficient mobility

Vehicle automation and connectivity

Mobility energy impacts

Traffic modeling

Energy analysis

Sustainable mobility

Transportation research


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University

Professional Engineering License, State of Kansas

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University

B.S., Electrical Engineering, LeTourneau University

Professional Experience

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Program Lead, Advanced Transportation and Urban Sciences (2015–Present)

University of Maryland, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, Associate Research Faculty (2006–2015)

Traffax Inc., President, Strategic Technical Development (2008–2015)

Kansas Department of Transportation, Advanced Technology Research Engineer (1994–2006)

Featured Work

A Novel and Practical Method to Quantify the Quality of Mobility: The Mobility Energy Productivity Metric, NREL Conference Paper (2020)

A Convergence of Public-Private Benefits in Denver: Surveys and Analyses to Inform Urban Mobility-, Energy-, Infrastructure- and Behavior-Related Innovation, NREL Conference Paper (2020)

Measuring Fundamental Improvements in Sustainable Urban Mobility: The Mobility Energy Productivity Metric, NREL Conference Paper (2019)

Quantifying Autonomous Vehicles National Fuel Consumption Impacts: A Data-Rich Approach, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (2019)

A Deep Learning Approach for TNC Trip Demand Prediction Considering Spatial-Temporal Features, NREL Conference Paper (2019)

Airport Analyses Informing New Mobility Shifts: Opportunities to Adapt Energy-Efficient Mobility Services and Infrastructure, NREL Conference Paper (2018)

A First-Order Estimate of Automated Mobility District Fuel Consumption and GHG Emission Impacts, Road Vehicle Automation (2018)

Shared Automated Mobility and Public Transport, Road Vehicle Automation (2018)

Data-Driven Fuel Consumption Estimation: A Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline Approach, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (2017)

Potentials for Platooning in U.S. Highway Freight Transport, NREL Conference Paper (2017)

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