Kristi Potter

Group Manager III-Computational Science


Kristin Potter is an NREL scientist who specializes in data visualization. Her research is focused on methods to improve visualization techniques by adding qualitative information regarding reliability to the data display. This work includes researching statistical measures of uncertainty, error, and confidence levels, and translating the semantic meaning of these measures into visual metaphors. 

Potter has over 15 years of experience in visualization creation, design, and deployment spanning multiple disciplines—including atmospheric sciences, materials modeling, geographical mapping, and the humanities. Prior to joining NREL in 2017, Potter worked as a research-computing consultant at the University of Oregon, providing visualization services, computational training and education, and other support to researchers across campus. She also worked as a research scientist at the University of Utah on projects related to the visualization of uncertainty and error in data. While pursuing her Ph.D., Potter's dissertation work focused on the visual representation of variability within ensemble suites of simulations covering multiple parameter settings and initial conditions. Her master's work developed the use of sketch-based methods for conveying levels of reliability in architectural renderings. 

Potter works in NREL's Insight Center on high-dimensional data visualization techniques and web-based deployment of visualization applications. She is also interested in topics related to decision-making, performance visualization, method evaluation, and application specific techniques.

Research Interests

Uncertainty visualization 

High-dimensional data analysis

Information visualization


Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Utah

M.S., Computer Science, University of Utah

B.S., Computer Science, Fine Arts, University of Oregon

Featured Work

Visualization of Uncertainty Without a Mean, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (2013)

Interactive Visualization of Probability and Cumulative Density Functions, International Journal of Uncertainty Quantification (2012)

A User Study of Visualization Effectiveness Using EEG and Cognitive Load, Computer Graphics Forum (2011)

Interactive Visualization for Memory Reference Traces, Computer Graphics Forum (2008)

Evaluating the Efficacy of Wavelet Configurations on Turbulent-Flow Data, IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization (2015)

Linking Performance Data into Scientific Visualization Tools, 1st Workshop on Visual Performance Analysis (2014)

Ensemble-Vis: A Framework for the Statistical Visualization of Ensemble Data, IEEE Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Climate Data: Prediction, Extremes (2009)