As NREL's chief engineer for electric vehicle charging and grid integration, Andrew Meintz provides strategic oversight for the lab’s EV grid integration research, with a focus on developing and evaluating integrated systems connecting EVs, charging infrastructure, power grids, buildings, and renewable energy sources. Related activities include examining opportunities and impacts associated with a full range of charging technologies—from home-based Level 1 charging to extreme fast charging. This body of work aims to enable a more adaptive, renewable, and resilient electric grid. Before joining NREL, he served as a battery systems engineer at General Motors, where he analyzed and designed lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

Research Interests

Electric vehicle grid integration

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Energy storage

Extreme fast charging

Sustainable mobility

Wireless charging


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology      

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Professional Experience

Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2014–Present)

Technical Advisor, U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technology Office (2018–2019)

Battery Systems Engineer, General Motors (2011–2014)

Intern, Sandia National Laboratories (2008–2009)

Featured Work

Grid Voltage Control Analysis for Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (2021)

Location Selection of Fast-Charging Station for Heavy-Duty EVs Using GIS and Grid Analysis, IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (2021)

Planning of In-Motion Electric Vehicle Charging on Freeways, IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter (2020)

R&D Insights for Extreme Fast Charging of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles, NREL Technical Report (2020)

A Highly Efficient Control Framework for Centralized Residential Charging Coordination of Large Electric Vehicle Populations, International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (2020)

System Design and Optimization of in-Route Wireless Charging Infrastructure for Shared Automated Electric Vehicles, IEEE Access (2019)

Modeling and Analysis of a Fast Charging Station and Evaluation of Service Quality for Electric Vehicles, IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification (2019)

Workplace Charge Management with Aggregated Building Loads, IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (2018)

Enabling Fast Charging—Vehicle Considerations, Journal of Power Sources (2017)

Analyzing Potential Grid Impacts from Future In-Motion Roadway Wireless Power Transfer Scenarios, World Electric Vehicle Symposium (2016)


Control Method to Bias Hybrid Battery State-of-Charge to Improve Autostop Availability for Light-Electrification Vehicles, U.S. Patent No. 9,126,496 (2015)

Awards and Honors

NREL President’s Award (2019)

NREL President’s Award (2017)