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Margo Melendez

Manager - Transportation Technology Integration


Margo Melendez manages the Sustainable Transportation Integration group in NREL's Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences. In this capacity, she coordinates industry, government, and fleet interest in implementing projects that reduce the use of petroleum in transportation. She also leads staff working on projects that advance emerging transportation technologies in the marketplace. 

Since joining NREL in 1999, she has worked on a variety of issues related to the transportation sector’s transition to alternative fuels and advanced technologies, focusing on topics ranging from regulatory and policy incentives, consumer education and outreach, engine and infrastructure technology research, and alternative fuel and hydrogen transition analysis.

Research Interests

Alternative fuels and fueling infrastructure

Transportation regulatory planning and implementation

Transportation technology analysis

Stakeholder engagement

Natural gas vehicle research

Vehicle technology integration

Transportation and mobility research


M.S., Engineering Management, University of Michigan

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa

Professional Experience

National Renewable Energy Laboratory:

Transportation Technology Integration Group Manager (2012–Present)

Technology Deployment Manager (2010–2012)

Transportation Deployment Supervisor (2008–2010)

Project Leader (1999–2008)

Ford Motor Company, Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Specialist (1994–1999)

Featured Work

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Facility Modification Handbook, Technical Report (2017)

Regional Consumer Hydrogen Demand and Optimal Hydrogen Refueling Station Siting, Technical Report (2008)

Analysis of the Transition to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and the Potential Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure Requirements, Technical Report (2008)

Lessons Learned from the Alternative Fuels Experience and How They Apply to the Development of a Hydrogen-Fueled Transportation System, Technical Report (2007)

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