Exploration and Targeting

NREL researches, develops, and deploys innovative exploration and targeting methodologies for geothermal prospects and projects.

3-D visualization of a geothermal powerplant and the subsurface geology
Leveraging NREL's experience and capabilities in global geothermal exploration is key to improving geothermal resource targeting.

A major challenge in traditional hydrothermal resource development is the capital-intensive early phase of exploratory well drilling. Investors typically spend large sums before knowing with certainty whether an adequate resource exists. For this reason, de-risking drilling through effective pre-drilling exploration and targeting activities is important.

Our capabilities in exploration and targeting span the spectrum of geothermal resources and end uses and include deep high-temperature and low-temperature hydrothermal, enhanced geothermal systems, advanced geothermal systems, sedimentary resources, and shallow subsurface characterization.


  • Geological and conceptual modeling – Expertise in multiscale resource exploration using integrated geoscientific datasets and conceptual modeling techniques
  • Geophysical and geochemical data acquisition, processing, and interpretation
  • Play fairway analysis – Expertise in applying the concept and workflow to geothermal exploration
  • Geospatial analysis – Expertise in collection and analysis of geospatial datasets to develop maps, models, and visualizations for geothermal exploration and targeting


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Amanda Kolker

Researcher, Thermal Science and Technologies Group