NREL's state-of-the-art research facilities provide a venue for groundbreaking innovations and collaboration with partners in geothermal research and development.

A photo of the Energy Systems Integration Facility at NREL.

Energy Systems Integration Facility

The nation's premier user facility for research, development, and demonstration of the components and strategies needed to optimize our entire energy system.

A photo of the high-performance computer at NREL.

High-Performance Computing Data Center

High-performance computing facilities at NREL provide high-speed, petaflop-scale computer processing as well as data visualization labs with onsite and remote-viewing capabilities.

A photo of the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory at NREL.

Solar Radiation Research Laboratory

A lab that continuously collects basic solar radiation measurements and has expertise in integrated metrology, optics, electronics, and data acquisition as well as outdoor performance-testing facilities. The lab sits on a borehole field consisting of 23 300-feet-deep boreholes providing a test bed for geothermal heat pump research, development, analysis, and deployment.

A photo of the Thermal Test Facility at NREL.

Thermal Test Facility

A flexible, multipurpose, multi-laboratory facility that enables detailed evaluation and development of building and thermal energy systems. For more information, read the fact sheet.