Geothermal Data and Visualization

NREL provides data resources, data management solutions, and high-quality visualizations to advance the use of geothermal energy.

Student explores a 3D visualization.
NREL has developed unparalleled tools and data resources for the geothermal industry.


  • Data resources – Publicly accessible data repositories of geothermal research
  • Data management – Secure and trusted data management solutions
  • Data visualization – Expertise in producing high-quality data visualizations for use in analysis and presentation of data

Data Resources and Tools

Geothermal Data Repository

The Geothermal Data Repository is a submission-based directory of data collected from researchers.

Geothermal Prospector

The Geothermal Prospector is a visual map tool that brings together geospatial data sets that were spread across universities and government agencies. The tool allows users to see data in a new way for exploration and research.

Open Energy Data Initiative Data Lake

The Open Energy Data Initiative is geared to improving data access to enable analysis. Its robust analysis platform will improve accessibility through a data lake, data catalog, and high-value open datasets hosted on multiple cloud computing platforms.

Data Foundry

The Data Foundry provides secure, cloud-based storage and universal access to digital information to enable the geothermal industry to collaborate with the Department of Energy, national labs, universities, and private organizations.


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