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Geothermal Research

NREL's geothermal analysts, scientists, and engineers perform a full range of research from developing advanced methods of locating and accessing geothermal resources to exploring innovative technologies to extract and produce clean energy from the heat of the earth.

Photo of NREL researchers look at colored map of the United States in 3D visualization room.

Impact Analysis

Conducting analyses to determine the viability of geothermal energy production and likelihood of economic success.

Photo of solar panels in front of a geothermal power plant

Coproduction and Hybrid Systems

Exploring the potential benefits of combining geothermal with other renewable energy systems.

Photo of NREL researcher with a hard hat on winding wire onto a coil at a geothermal drilling site.

Project Consulting

Working to reduce barriers and accelerate deployment and implementation of geothermal technologies.

Photo of steam coming up from a hot spring in Steamboat springs.

Exploration and Resource Assessment

Researching new approaches in geothermal assessment, decision making, and drilling.

Photo of a geothermal power plant in Imperial California.

Sedimentary and Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Designing new models and studying new techniques to increase the production of geothermal energy.