Finance and Business Model Analysis

NREL can help the geothermal industry and research institutions analyze the financial performance of business models based on resource characterization data.

Pipes at geothermal power plant.

NREL's market, finance, and policy experts analyze geothermal policies, incentives, and financial models to understand the techno-economics and market impact of geothermal development.


  • Project feasibility and financial performance analysis
  • Economic evaluation of cost-based geothermal incentive policies
  • Domestic and international market and policy assessments

Project Financial Performance

Based on available resource data, NREL can model the financial performance of a geothermal project to estimate economic feasibility under different scenarios, including different financing structures, revenue levels, and incentives.

Economic Evaluation of Incentive Policies

NREL can analyze the effect of different cost-based incentives for policymakers who want to learn about economic incentives that expand the market for geothermal development.


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