Geothermal Policy and Market Analysis

NREL's geothermal policy and market analysis evaluates the potential for policies to advance geothermal technologies to meet national, state, and local goals.

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NREL is DOE's lead laboratory for geothermal policy and market analysis.

NREL policy evaluation is tailored to the context of the policy and its geographic (national, state, or local) scope. Our analysis is comprehensive and designed to provide stakeholders with critical information to allow them to make informed policy decisions.


  • Complex systems evaluation that integrates all aspects of our policy analysis capabilities to develop future energy system scenarios
  • Geospatial data assessment that develops data sets and visualizations for decision-making
  • Impact analysis that documents the existing or potential effects of a policy or proposal
  • Techno-economic analysis that examines costs, benefits, risks, uncertainties, and timeframes of a particular policy or constellation of policies/proposals


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Faith Smith

Market Research Analysis Researcher