Catalytic Carbon Transformation

NREL is leading innovation in the catalytic conversion of renewable and waste carbon sources.

Impact of NREL's Catalytic Carbon Transformation Research
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From thermal deconstruction and catalytic upgrading to computational modeling and operando catalyst characterization, NREL is pioneering the way to a sustainable future through carbon recycling.

Carbon recycling occurs when captured carbon in biomass and waste sources can be converted back into advanced materials, commodity and specialty chemicals, and drop-in and advantaged fuels, all enabled by catalysis.

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Our Approach

Our technical approach is based on three core principles:

  • Understanding the fundamental relationships that govern a process enables transformative breakthroughs in technology development
  • Transitioning technologies from discovery to the cusp of commercialization requires integrated catalysis and process R&D that bridges the gap between foundational science and applied engineering
  • Driving R&D from the bottom up through fundamental science and the top down with techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment accelerates technology advancement.

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Enabling Capabilities

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