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Heterogeneous Catalysis for Thermochemical Conversion Publications



Conversion of Methane into Methanol and Ethanol over Nickel Oxide on Ceria–Zirconia Catalysts in a Single Reactor, Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Methane Upgrading of Acetic Acid as a Model Compound for a Biomass-Derived Liquid over a Modified Zeolite Catalyst, ACS Catalysis

Role of Pt during hydrodeoxygenation of biomass pyrolysis vapors over Pt/HBEA, Catalysis Today




Catalysis's Role in Bioproducts, Commercializing Biobased Products: Opportunities, Challenges, Benefits, and Risks


Evaluate Impact of Catalyst Type on Oil Yield and Hydrogen Consumption from Mild Hydrotreating, Energy & Fuels

Pilot Scale Production of Mixed Alcohols from Wood, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research


Nanoscale Carbide and Nitride Catalysts, Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II (Second Edition): From Elements to Applications

Methane Steam Reforming Kinetics on a Ni/Mg/K/Al2O3 Catalyst, Topics in Catalysis


Bench and Pilot Scale Studies of Reaction and Regeneration of Ni-Mg-K/Al2O3 for Catalytic Conditioning of Biomass Derived Syngas, Topics in Catalysis

NiW and NiRu bimetallic catalysts for ethylene steam reforming: Alternative mechanisms for sulfur resistance, Catalysis Letters

Manganese and ceria sorbents for high temperature sulfur removal from biomass-derived syngas – the impact of steam on capacity and sorption mode, Fuel


Synthesis of β-Mo2C thin films, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Regenerable manganese-based sorbent for clean-up of simulated biomass-derived syngas, Energy and Fuels

Catalysts and sorbents for thermochemical conversion of biomass to renewable biofuels—material development needs, Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy

Demonstration and Characterization of Ni/Mg/K/AD90 used for Pilot-Scale Conditioning of Biomass-Derived Syngas, Catalysis Letters