Techno-Economic, Sustainability, and Market Analysis

NREL conducts techno-economic analyses (TEAs) for algal biofuels, thermochemical conversion, and biochemical conversion.

Photo of two algae raceway ponds that show large-scale algae biomass production in the form of two oval-shaped pools filled with dark green liquid and a paddle-wheel in each pool that is agitating the liquid as it flows around.

Algal Biofuels Techno-Economic Analysis

NREL's Algae Techno-Economic Analysis group employs techno-economic analysis models to understand process and cost drivers for both the production of algal biomass and the conversion of algae into biofuels and coproducts.


Thermochemical Conversion Techno-Economic Analysis

NREL's Thermochemical Conversion Analysis team focuses on the economic and sustainability evaluations for the production of fuels and products via pyrolysis and gasification pathways.

Photo of NRELs Biochemical Process Development Unit showing a series of metal tanks, scaffolding, tubes, and pipes on multiple levels within a facility.

Biochemical Conversion Techno-Economic Analysis

To investigate the many options for fuels and products from lignocellulosic sugars and other deconstruction intermediates, NREL's Biochemical Conversion Analysis team utilizes process design and economic/ sustainability analysis to evaluate current state-of-technology benchmarks and potential improvements for processes based on biological and catalytic upgrading of sugars.


Bioenergy Sustainability Analysis

NREL's bioenergy sustainability analysis group assesses and synthesizes scientific and technological developments as they mature and as our understanding of economic, environmental, and social pillars of sustainable systems evolves.

Photo of three pieces of laboratory glassware; one contains a blue liquid and one is half filled with pink liquid; chemical formulas are handwritten and superimposed on top of the image.

Strategic and Market Analysis

By applying appropriate analyses and models, the ultimate goal of NRELs strategic and market analysis work is to provide credible results to understand potential economic drivers for emerging bioenergy markets and to assist with bioenergy investment decision-making.