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Learn more about the expertise and technical skills of the bioenergy team and staff at NREL.

Photo of Adam Bratis

Adam Bratis

Associate Lab Director, Bioenergy Sciences and Technology

Adam Bratis manages NREL's research and development efforts in support of the U.S. Department of Energy's mission in the bioenergy space. This includes technical and managerial oversight in the areas of biosciences; conversion of biomass to fuels, chemicals, and materials; algal biofuels; techno-economic and life cycle analyses; and fuels testing. He also serves as a spokesperson for the bioenergy research program at NREL both internally and externally.

Photo of Maureen McCann

Maureen McCann

Center Director I, Technical

As Biosciences Center director, Maureen McCann leads this team of creative researchers in the pursuit of understanding, predicting, and controlling biochemical, biophysical, and semi-synthetic pathways and processes in living organisms and biohybrid systems. The center's fundamental focus is to reengineer matter and energy flows, from molecular to cellular and system scales, for both technology innovation and disruption that enables a circular bioeconomy of fuels, chemicals, and materials.

Photo of Michael F. Crowley

Michael Crowley

Center Director I, Technical

As the Renewable Resources and Enabling Sciences Center director, Michael Crowley leads a talented team of scientists and technicians in biological, chemical, and catalytic research approaches to renewable energy and materials and a circular economy. The center has strong thrusts in polymer design and upcycling, separations, synthetic biology and bioconversion, analytical sciences, computational modeling, and lignocellulosic chemistry and catalysis.

Photo of Thomas D. Foust

Thomas Foust

Center Director II, Technical

As Catalytic Carbon Transformation and Scale-Up National Bioenergy Center director, Thomas Foust guides and directs NREL's research efforts and those of collaborating national laboratories to develop biomass conversion technologies via biochemical and thermochemical routes as well as critical research areas addressing the sustainability of biofuels, bioproducts, and bioenergy. His areas of expertise include feedstock production, biomass-to-fuels conversion technologies, and environmental and societal sustainability issues associated with biofuels.

Photo of Zia Abdullah

Zia Abdullah

Laboratory Program Manager III, Biological Science

As the biomass laboratory program manager, Zia Abdullah fosters NREL’s relationship with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office. In addition, he works with senior lab management to set the strategic agenda for NREL's biomass portfolio and with research staff to execute the research strategy. He is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience and accomplishments in thermochemically and biochemically converting biomass to fuels and chemicals.

Photo of Joshua Schaidle

Josh Schaidle

Laboratory Program Manager, Carbon Management

Josh Schaidle serves as NREL’s program manager for carbon management. Research within this program spans CO2 removal, CO2 conversion, and evaluation of technology trade-offs at the systems level through comprehensive modeling. Josh believes in "creating together" and he seeks to build and empower diverse, multidisciplinary teams to accelerate technology development to address climate change.

Bioenergy Research Staff

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