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Research Staff

Photo of Adam Bratis, Ph.D.

Adam Bratis

Associate Lab Director-Bio Energy Sciences & Technology

Dr. Adam Bratis' role as Associate Lab Director is to guide NREL's research to accomplish the objectives of the Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office, and to serve as a spokesperson for the bioenergy research effort at NREL, both internally and externally. This includes oversight in the areas of biochemical conversion, thermochemical conversion, algae, techno-economic and life-cycle analyses, and fuels and product testing. | 303-384-7852

Photo of Thomas D. Foust

Thomas Foust

Center Director II-Technical

As National Bioenergy Center Director, Dr. Thomas Foust guides and directs NREL's research efforts and those of collaborating national laboratories to develop biomass conversion technologies via biochemical and thermochemical routes, as well as critical research areas addressing the sustainability of biofuels, bioproducts, and bioenergy. His areas of expertise include feedstock production, biomass-to-fuels conversion technologies, and environmental and societal sustainability issues associated with biofuels. | 303-384-7755

Photo of Mark F. Davis

Mark Davis

Center Director Bioenergy Sciences

Dr. Mark Davis is the Director for the Biosciences Center at NREL. For the past five years, he has served as the Platform Program Manager for Thermochemical Processes and has directed research focused on developing pyrolysis and gasification processes to produce cost-effective fuels and products from biomass. | 303-384-6140

Photo of Zia Abdullah

Zia Abdullah

Laboratory Program Manager III-Biological Science

As the Biomass Laboratory Program Manager, Zia Abdullah fosters NREL’s relationship with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) program. In addition, he works with senior lab management to set the strategic agenda for NREL's biomass portfolio and with research staff to execute against the research strategy. He is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience and accomplishments in thermochemically and biochemically converting biomass to fuels and chemicals. | 303-275-4798

Name Position Email Phone        
Abdullah, Zia Laboratory Program Manager III-Biological Science 303-275-4798
Alahuhta, Markus Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7850
Alt, Hannah Research Technician II-Operate 303-275-3940
Artz, Jacob Postdoctoral Researcher-Biochemistry 303-275-4932
Baddour, Frederick Scientist, Inorganic Chemistry and Nanomaterials 303-384-6703
Baldwin, Robert Principal Scientist 303-384-6858
Bartling, Andrew Researcher II-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6471
Beck, Morgan Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-384-6233
Beckham, Gregg Senior Research Fellow I-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7806
Bentley, Gayle Postdoctoral Researcher- Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology 303-275-4868
Bharadwaj, Vivek Scientist III - Computational Molecular Science 303-275-3279
Binol, Tracy Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-275-4675
Black, Stuart Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-6193
Bomble, Yannick Acting Manager - Researcher V-Biological Science 303-384-7729
Brandner, David Research Technician III-Operate 303-275-4729
Bratis, Adam Associate Lab Director-Bio Energy Sciences & Technology 303-384-7852
Brown, Katherine Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-7721
Brunecky, Roman Researcher IV-Biological Science 303-384-6878
Bu, Lintao Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6295
Bui, Tuong Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4918
Calvey, Chris Postdoctoral Researcher-Bioengineering
Carpenter, Danny Supervisor - Thermochemical Process R&D 303-384-6709
Chen, Xiaowen Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6828
Chen, Yi Pei Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4818
Chica, Bryant Postdoctoral Researcher-Biochemistry 303-275-4246
Chou, Katherine Scientist IV, Strain and Biomolecular Engineering 303-384-7626
Chou, Yat Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7766
Christen, Billie Specialist IV-Project Support 303-384-6856
Chum, Helena Emeritus Researcher 303-275-4668
Chung, Daehwan Researcher III-Molecular Biology 303-275-3996
Ciesielski, Peter Senior Scientist - Bioenergy and Biomaterials 303-384-7691
Cleveland, Nick Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-7889
Coan, Patrick Contingent Worker
Cortright, Randy Research Advisor II-Chemistry 303-275-4724
Crowley, Meagan Research Technician II-Operate 303-275-4858
Crowley, Michael Group Manager III-Computational Science 303-384-6345
Dahlin, Lukas Contingent Worker 303-384-7478
Davis, Mark Center Director Bioenergy Sciences 303-384-6140
Davis, Ryan Process Research Engineer, Biorefinery Analysis 303-384-7879
Davrazou, Fanni Research Technician III-Operate
De Capite, Annette Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-6214
Decker, Steve Group Research Manager III-Molecular Biology 303-384-7759
Deutch, Stephen Scientist - Analytical Specialist 303-384-6884
Doeppke, Crissa Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-7723
Dong, Tao Researcher III-Molecular Biology 303-384-7986
Donohoe, Bryon Senior Scientist 303-384-7773
Douchi, Damien Postdoctoral Researcher-Biochemistry 303-384-7235
Downes, Courtney Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7971
Du, Xu Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering
Dunning, Tim Researcher II-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7697
Dupuis, Dan Advanced Catalysis Engineer 303-384-7685
Dutta, Abhijit Acting Group Manager-TechnoEconomic, Sustainability and Market Analysis 303-384-7782
Eckert, Carrie Senior Scientist 303-384-6891
Elander, Richard Researcher VI-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6841
Ellis, Lucas Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-275-3939
Erickson, Erika Postdoctoral Researcher-Bioengineering
Farberow, Carrie Research Engineer 303-384-7882
Farmer, Nancy Group Research Manager II-Biological Science 303-384-6849
Feely, Colleen Business Support for NBC Center Director 303-275-3841
Ferguson, Ryan Electrical Engineer III 303-275-4971
Ferrell, Jack Research Engineer 303-384-7777
Fitzsimmons, Patricia Business Support III-Administrative Associate 303-384-7695
Foust, Thomas Center Director II-Technical 303-384-7755
Fowler, Matthew Research Technician III-Operate 303-275-4426
Franden, Mary Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7767
Freed, Emily Contingent Worker 303-394-7847
French, Rick Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-6135
Gao, Xiang Postdoctoral Researcher-Biochemistry 303-275-4007
Gaston, Katherine Thermochemical Process/Control Engineer 303-384-6273
Gerk, Cindy Professional II-Project Controller 303-384-7693
Golubieski, Chris Research Technician V-Operate 303-384-6341
Grady-McBride, Sheila Business Support III-Administrative Associate 303-384-6220
Griffin, Michael Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6205
Grim, Gary Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7781
Guarnieri, Michael Researcher V-Molecular Biology 303-384-7921
Gunther, Casey Pilot Plant Operations Engineer 303-384-7890
Guo, Zhanjun Postdoctoral Researcher-Biochemistry 303-275-4711
Habas, Susan Senior Scientist, Nanoscience & Materials Chemistry 303-384-6734
Hafenstine, Glenn Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6462
Hames, Molly Project Manager 303-384-7758
Hansen, Raymond Research Technician V-Operate 303-384-6354
Happs, Renee Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7922
Henard, Calvin Molecular Microbiologist 303-275-3177
Hengge, Neal Research Technician I-Operate
Hensley, Jesse Group Manager - Heterogeneous Catalysis R&D 303-384-7914
Henson, Ray Postdoctoral Researcher- Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering 303-275-4141
Himmel, Michael Senior Research Fellow I-Molecular Biology 303-384-7756
Hjelm, Wesley Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-6843
Hollingsworth, Laura Business Support Administrator - National Bioenergy Center 303-275-4946
Huang, Zhe Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4736
Huq, Nabila Postdoctoral Researcher-Bioengineering 303-275-4838
Iisa, Kristiina Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7853
Jennings, Ed Pilot Plant Operations Manager 303-384-6247
Johnson, Christopher Research Scientist, Biocatalyst Development 303-275-3803
Johnson, David Group Research Manager III-Molecular Biology 303-384-6263
Karp, Eric Senior Chemical Engineer 303-384-7997
Katahira, Rui Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7710
Kim, Seonah Senior Scientist 303-384-7323
Kim, Yeonjoon Postdoctoral Researcher-Computational Sciences
Kinchin, Christopher Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7709
King, Paul Group Research Manager III-Chemistry 303-384-6277
Kinley, Kelsey Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-6382
Knoshaug, Eric Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7779
Knott, Brandon Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6223
Kruger, Jacob Research Engineer, Catalysis and Biomass Conversion 303-275-4081
Krysiak, Megan Specialist IV-Project Support 303-384-7973
Kuhn, Erik Research Operations Manager I 303-384-6829
Kumar, Anurag Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7088
Lattanzi, Aaron Postdoctoral Researcher-Computational Sciences 303-275-4313
Laurens, Lieve Researcher V-Biological Science 303-384-6196
Lewis Said, Julie Research Technician I-Operate 303-384-7817
Linger, Jeffrey Group Research Manager II-Biological Science 303-384-7780
Lischeske, James Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6822
Lo, Jonathan Researcher III-Molecular Biology 303-384-7686
Lubner, Cara Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-7765
Lunin, Vladimir Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-7754
Lyons, Robert Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-6859
Magnusson, Lauren Biological Engineer 303-384-7725
Magrini, Kimberly Group Research Manager III-Chemistry 303-384-7706
Maness, Pin-Ching Group Research Manager III-Molecular Biology 303-384-6114
Marcano, Joan Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-384-7902
Settle, Amy Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering
McMillan, James D. (Jim) Chief Engineer 303-384-6861
Meek, Kelly Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4945
Messerly, Richard Postdoctoral Researcher-Computational Sciences 303-384-7935
Meyers, Alexander Postdoctoral Researcher-Bioengineering 303-384-7478
Michener, William Research Technician VI-Build 303-384-6304
Mittal, Ashutosh Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-6136
Mohagheghi, Ali Biochemical Engineer 303-384-6175
Mukarakate, Calvin Senior Process Research Scientist 303-384-7724
Mulder, David Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-7486
Nagle, Nicholas Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6184
Nash, Connor Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7379
Nelson, Robert Researcher II-Biological Science 303-275-3112
Ness, Ryan Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-6191
Ngo, Ken Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4890
Nguyen, Hannah Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6376
Nimlos, Mark Group Research Manager III-Physics 303-384-7704
Reed, Michelle Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-7887
Noone, Seth FSCL Lab Manager 303-384-7936
O'Brien, Mary Kate Bio-process Engineer 303-384-7285
Oliver, Matt Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-6142
Olstad, Jessica Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7937
Orton, Kellene Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-7866
Palmer, Scott Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-7970
Palmiotti, Elizabeth Contingent Worker 303-384-7692
Panczak, Bonnie Research Technician III - Chemistry 303-275-4729
Pardo Mendoza, Isabel Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6847
Payne, Courtney Senior Research Scientist 303-384-6243
Pecha, Brennan Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4817
Peterson, Brady Research Technician IV-Operate
Peterson, Darren Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-6316
Pienkos, Phil Strategic Project Lead 303-384-6269
Pilath, Heidi Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7788
Black, Brenna Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-3260
Politis, Andy Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-7235
Pomeroy, Marc Research Technician VI-Operate 303-384-7746
Powell, Glenn Research Technician V-Build 303-384-6182
Rao, Radhika Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering
Resch, Michael Researcher V-Biological Science 303-384-6521
Robichaud, David Senior Scientist 303-384-7790
Robinson, Allison Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7833
Rohrer, Holly Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-7810
Rollin, Joseph Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-384-7854
Rorrer, Nicholas Researcher III - Polymer Engineering and Biomaterials Development 303-384-6206
Rowland, Steven Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-4276
Ruddy, Daniel Inorganic and Materials Chemist, Sr. Scientist 303-384-6322
Saboe, Patrick Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4728
Salvachua Rodriguez, Davinia Researcher III-Biological Science 303-384-7699
Sammond, Deanne Researcher III-Biological Science 303-384-6240
Sanchez i Nogue, Violeta Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6641
Schaidle, Josh Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7823
Schell, Daniel Group Manager 303-384-6869
Schultz, Aric Postdoctoral Researcher-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6481
Seibert, Michael Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6279
Shanta, Peter Postdoctoral Researcher-Biochemistry 303-384-7478
Sievers, David Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7748
Singer, Christine Researcher II-Biological Science 303-275-4652
Singh, Avantika Researcher II-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7276
Sluiter, Amie Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-6281
Sluiter, Justin Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6347
Smith, Kristin Thermochemical Process Design Engineer 303-384-7877
Smolinski, Sharon Researcher II-Biological Science 303-384-6275
Spiller, Ryan Researcher I-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7286
Spurrier, Ann Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-384-6886
St. John, Peter Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7969
Starace, Anne Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-4377
Stickel, Jonathan Senior Research Engineer 303-384-6867
Stunkel, Jim Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-7776
Subramanian, Venkataramanan Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7719
Svedruzic, Drazenka Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6246
Sweeney, Nicholas Research Technician IV-Operate 303-384-7886
Tan, Eric Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7933
Tao, Ling Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7809
Thibodeaux, Jason Research Technician V-Build 303-384-7797
Thornburg, Nick Postdoctoral Researcher - Chemical Reaction Engineering & Heterogeneous Catalysis 303-275-4885
Thornton, Brittany Research Technician II-Operate 303-384-7680
To, Anh Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7825
Tucker, Melvin Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6264
Urban, Christopher Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-7917
Van Allsburg, Kurt Postdoc - Catalyst Cost Modeling 303-275-4284
Van Wychen, Stefanie Researcher II-Chemistry 303-384-7964
VanderWall, Todd Researcher III-Fermentation Science 303-384-7783
Vardon, Derek Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7763
Vermaas, Josh Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-384-6284
Vinzant, Todd Researcher IV-Biological Science 303-384-7760
Wang, Wei Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7945
Ware, Liz Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6131
Wecker, Matt Contingent Worker 303-384-6381
Wei, Hui Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-6620
Werner, Alli Postdoctoral Researcher-Biology 303-275-4399
White, Erick Chemical Reaction Engineer 303-384-6238
Wiatrowski, Matthew Researcher II-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6405
Wilcox, Esther Research Operations Director - BioEnergy Science & Technology 303-384-6516
Wilke, Trenton Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4918
Wilson, Nolan Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6318
Wolfe, Jeffrey Research Technician III-Operate 303-384-7708
Wolfrum, Edward Principal Researcher & Manager 303-384-7705
Wu, Chao Postdoctoral Researcher-Bioengineering 303-384-6855
Xiong, Wei Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7965
Xu, Qi Researcher IV-Molecular Biology 303-384-7789
Xueming, Dong Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry
Yarbrough, John Researcher III-Physics 303-384-6831
Young, Andy Researcher III-Control Engineering 303-384-6862
Yu, Jianping Researcher V-Molecular Biology 303-384-6252
Yung, Matthew Senior Engineer, Catalysis & Reaction Engineering 303-384-7771
Zamudio, Wendy Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-384-7750
Zeng, Yining Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6378
del Cerro Sanchez, Carlos Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering