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Data and Tools

NREL provides data, tools, and models for analyzing bioenergy research and technologies, and for determining biomass resources and feedstocks.

Laboratory Analytical Procedures

NREL develops lab procedures to help researchers perform analyses for biofuels and bio-oils.

Biomass Compositional Analysis

Bio-Oil Analysis

Microalgae Compositional Analysis

Tools for Accelerating Catalyst Development

CatCost: Catalyst Cost-Estimating Tool

NREL and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, as part of their work with the NREL-led Chemical Catalysis for Bioenergy (ChemCatBio) consortium, developed a catalyst cost-estimating tool that incorporates industry standard estimation methods into a user-friendly spreadsheet and web tool.

Biomass Feedstock and Resource Assessment Data

International Biomass Resource Assessments

NREL has completed resource assessments in many countries, which quantify the existing biomass material in a given area for producing power, heat, transportation fuels, and chemicals.

Biomass Resource Maps

Solid Biomass Resource and Biogas Maps

These maps show the technical biomass resources available in the United States by county.

BioEnergy Atlas

This atlas contains two interactive maps for comparing biomass feedstock, biopower, and biofuels by location.

Biomass Policy and Economic Models

Biomass Scenario Model

The BSM model focuses on policy issues of biofuels, their feasibility, and potential side effects. It integrates resource availability, behavior, relevant constraints, and more.

Jobs and Economic Development Impact Models

The JEDI model estimates the economic impact of constructing and operating power generation and biofuel plants at the local and state levels.