Bioenergy R&D Powers a Sustainable Bioeconomy

NREL's bioenergy researchers strive to expedite decarbonization of commercial-scale fuels, chemicals, and materials.

One researcher with safety glasses in a lab coat working on equipment in a lab.

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Our R&D is organized into core capabilities to maximize research efficiency and accelerate delivery of sustainable technologies to market.

Innovative pathways to fuels and chemicals, materials, and carbon management and utilization are enabled by research expertise in:

  • Analysis and modeling
  • Fundamental science of energy conversion
  • Scale-up science and engineering.

One researcher working on equipment in a lab.

Fuels and Chemicals, Materials, and Carbon Management and Utilization Research

NREL research develops industrially relevant, cost-competitive, and performance-advantaged fuels, chemicals, and materials from renewable and waste carbon sources. We innovate strategies and technologies for carbon management and utilization to support the bio-based economy of the future.

Discover how these NREL R&D capabilities enable new pathways and processes for bio-based products and technologies:

Fuels and chemicals


Carbon management and utilization.

Two researchers facing a wall of computer monitors in a lab.

Analysis, Characterization, Modeling, and Simulation Research

We support low-carbon technologies with near- to long-term market opportunities by developing and leveraging:

  • Techno-economic, sustainability, and market analyses
  • Analytical characterization tools and techniques
  • Computational modeling/simulation and machine learning/artificial intelligence approaches.
Explore how NREL's analysis and modeling R&D capabilities inform experimental research directions and technology pathways.

One researcher with safety glasses and a face mask working on equipment in a lab.

Science of Biological Energy Conversion Research

NREL creates scientific understanding that enables control over chemical, biochemical, and biophysical pathways and processes in living organisms, cell-free, biohybrid, and catalytic systems.

Knowledge of matter and energy flows—from molecular to multicellular and organismal scales—is fundamental to technological innovation and disruption in the bioeconomy.

Leverage NREL's fundamental science R&D capabilities to elucidate electronic and atomic pathways in biotechnology-relevant pathways.

One researcher with safety glasses and a face mask working on equipment in a lab.

Scale-Up and Piloting Research

We deliver technologies and solutions to market by implementing pilot projects and developing technical value and supply chain networks for commercialization and deployment.

Explore how NREL's scale-up and piloting R&D capabilities test-drive and de-risk marketable bioenergy technologies.


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