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Below are links to life cycle inventory (LCI) databases, life cycle assessment (LCA) information, LCA tools, research institutes utilizing LCA, labeling initiatives and organizations, international LCA initiatives, LCA online forums.

Life Cycle Inventory Data

  • Ecoinvent: Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories
  • IVAM LCA Data 4: Dutch LCA Database
  • KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology): Korea National Cleaner Production Center LCI Database

Life Cycle Assessment Information

  • IERE (The Institute for Environmental Research and Education): The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment
  • SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry): SETAC Life Cycle Assessment
  • SPOLD (Society for Promotion of Life-cycle Assessment Development): 2.0 LCA Consultants homepage
  • UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme): Sustainable Consumption Life Cycle Initiative
  • U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): LCA Research consultants homepage

Life Cycle Assessment Tools

This section contains a listing of tools by type of life cycle analysis, source of the tools (i.e. research institutes) and other types of LCA material available online (i.e. LCA-related journals).

General LCA tools

Building LCA tools

Recycling and Waste LCA tools

Research Institutes

Labeling Initiatives/Organizations

International Initiatives

Online Forums and Journals