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Below are links to life cycle inventory databases and life cycle assessment information, tools, labeling initiatives and organizations, international initiatives, online forums, and U.S. conferences.

Life Cycle Inventory Data

GaBi Solutions

Federal Life Cycle Assessment Commons

openLCA Nexus

ILCD: European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment

GLAD: Global LCA Data Access Network

Life Cycle Assessment Information

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Life Cycle Assessment

Society for Promotion of Life Cycle Assessment Development

United Nations Environment Programme Sustainable Consumption Life Cycle Initiative

Environmental Protection Agency


Life Cycle Assessment Tools

This section contains a listing of tools by type of life cycle analysis, source of the tools (i.e., research institutes) and other types of LCA material available online (i.e., LCA-related journals).






Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment Calculator


Sustainable Minds

Building and Transportation

The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability

Building Industry Reporting and Design for Sustainability

Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator

Greenhouse Gases Regulated Emissions and Energy use in Transportation Model

Recycling and Waste

Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator

ReCycled Content Tool

Waste Reduction Model

Municipal Solid Waste Decision Support Tool

Labeling and Standards Initiatives/Organizations

Carbon Trust

Water Footprint Network

Committee E60 on Sustainability

International Organization for Standardization

International Initiatives

European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment in Japan

United Nations Environment Programme Sustainable Consumption Life Cycle Initiative

Conferences, Online Forums, and Journals

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

Journal of Industrial Ecology

Life Cycle Assessment Discussion List

American Center for Life Cycle Assessment Annual Conference

International Symposium for Sustainable Systems and Technology

International Society for Industrial Ecology Conference