Techno-Economic Analysis

Our techno-economic analysis work examines costs, benefits, risks, uncertainties, and timeframes to evaluate the attributes of energy technologies.

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Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator

The levelized cost of energy calculator provides a simple way to calculate both utility-scale and distributed generation renewable energy technologies that compares the combination of capital costs, operations and maintenance, performance, and fuel costs.

Manufacturing Analysis

Our manufacturing analysis yields insights to support industry decisions about R&D targets, investment strategies, and policy evaluation. For more information, see the Advanced Manufacturing Research site

Also, learn about our solar for industrial process heat analysis


The PVWatts® Calculator estimates the energy production of grid-connected photovoltaic energy systems throughout the world. It allows homeowners, small building owners, installers, and manufacturers to easily develop estimates of the performance of potential PV installations.


The REopt® techno-economic decision support platform identifies the optimal mix of renewable energy, conventional generation, storage, and electrification technologies to meet cost savings, resilience, emissions reductions, and energy performance goals at a site or portfolio of sites.

Solar Technology Cost Analysis 

Our solar technology cost analysis examines the technology costs and supply chain issues for different solar photovoltaic technologies. Learn more about this analysis on the Solar Research site

System Advisor Model

The System Advisor Model is a free desktop application for techno-economic analysis of energy technologies. It is used by project managers and engineers, policy analysts, technology developers, and researchers to investigate questions about the technical, economic, and financial feasibility of renewable energy projects.