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Electrification Futures Study:
A Technical Evaluation of the Impacts of an Electrified U.S. Energy System

Illustration showing various electricity consumers (e.g., buildings) along an electrical cord emanating from various power sources (e.g., a wind turbine), with an outline of the contiguous United States as a background.

Through the Electrification Futures Study, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is exploring scenarios with and impacts of widespread electrification in the United States.

In addition to NREL, the research team includes the Electric Power Research Institute, Evolved Energy Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Northern Arizona University, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The study will answer five important questions:

  1. What end-use electric technologies are available for the highest energy-consuming services today, and how might the technologies advance over time?
  2. How might widespread electrification impact national and regional electricity demand and consumption patterns?
  3. How would the U.S. electricity system need to transform to meet changes in demand from an electrified economy?
  4. What role might demand-side flexibility play to support reliable operations of a clean electricity grid?
  5. What are potential costs, benefits, and impacts of mass electrification?

Learn more about the study's modeling approach.

Just Released—December 2017

The Electrification Futures Study team has just published the first in a coming series of reports. Electrification Futures Study: End-Use Electric Technology Cost and Performance Projections through 2050 provides estimated cost and performance data for electric technologies considered in the study. The study applies a literature and expert opinion based approach in developing future projections of technology advancement to be used in the EFS scenario analysis. The data can also inform other researchers and analysts exploring electrification.

Report Cover: Electrification Futures Study: End-Use Electric Technology Cost and Performance Projections through 2050).

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