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Sustainability Analysis

Our sustainability analysis work looks at the environmental, life-cycle, climate, and other impacts of renewable energy technologies.

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Sustainability analysis has three components: environmental effects, externalities, and economics and financing. Through our analysis, we are attempting to answer one key question: What are the sustainability metrics for blends of technologies that are available to meet different energy needs, given varying resource availabilities and development status?

Renewable Energy on Contaminated Lands

Learn about our work with the Environmental Protection Agency to identify "limbo lands" that can host renewable energy generation.

Biofuel Air Emissions Analysis

We study air pollutant emissions from the entire biofuel supply chain and their implications on air quality and human health.

Energy-Water Nexus

Our analyses help policymakers, researchers, and investors understand and evaluate energy choices within the complex web of connections between energy and water.

Life Cycle Assessment Harmonization

Our life cycle assessment harmonization provides lenders, utility executives, and lawmakers with the best information on greenhouse gas emissions from various sources of energy.

Sustainable Biomass Resource Development and Use

This analysis examines how we can use existing biomass resources in a sustainable manner.