Energy Analysis Research Staff

Dan Bilello

Daniel Bilello

Center Director I-Technical

Over the last two decades, Dan's work has centered on the dual challenges of addressing sustainable development and climate change in both the international and domestic arenas.

Name Position Email Phone
Ardani, Kristen Group Manager III-Market Research Analysis 303-384-6461
Atnoorkar, Swaroop Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-4216
Awara, Sarah Researcher II-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6454
Badgett, Alex Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7875
Bahl, Michael IT Professional V-Software Development 303-275-4464
Bain, Dominique Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7414
Barrows, Clayton Researcher V-Model Engineering 303-275-3921
Bench Reese, Samantha Senior Engineer/Analyst 303-275-3062
Bhatt, Arpit Bioenergy Process Analysis Engineer 303-275-4613
Bilello, Daniel Center Director I-Technical 303-384-7461
Blair, Nate Group Manager - Distributed Systems and Storage Analysis 303-384-7426
Bowen, Thomas Researcher II 303-275-3740
Brinkman, Gregory Researcher V-Model Engineering 303-384-7390
Brodt-Giles, Deborah Group Manager Advanced Data Analytics & Tools 303-275-4440
Brown, Craig Systems Integration Technical Lead 303-275-3204
Brown, Maxwell Senior Energy Systems Modeler 303-275-3049
Burton, Robin Researcher III-Policy Analysis 303-384-7536
Bush, Brian Principal Scientist – Systems Engineering 303-384-7472
Buster, Grant Data Engineer 303-275-4085
Oliveira, Ricardo Researcher III-Geospatial Science 303-275-3272
Carpenter, Birdie Researcher V-Environmental Engineering 303-275-4232
Chernyakhovskiy, Ilya Researcher III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-4306
Cochran, Jaquelin Center Director I-Technical 303-275-3766
Cohen, Stuart Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-4369
Cole, Wesley Researcher IV-Model Engineering 720-391-4897
Cook, Jeff Renewable Energy Policy and Market Analyst 303-275-3676
Cowiestoll, Brady Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-4104
Cox, Sadie Senior Researcher V 303-384-7391
Curtis, Taylor Legal and Regulatory Analyst 303-275-4481
Denholm, Paul Principal Energy Analyst 303-384-7488
Dhulipala, Surya Chandan Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3127
Doris, Elizabeth Laboratory Program Manager I-Policy Analysis 303-384-7489
Eberle, Annika Research Engineer - Modeling and Analysis 303-384-6932
Engel-Cox, Jill Center Director I-Technical 303-275-3761
English, Christine Researcher IV-Biological Science 303-384-7462
Flores-Espino, Francisco Energy Analyst, Markets and Policy 303-384-7385
Frazier, Will Electricity Grid Modeler and Analyst 303-384-6488
Frew, Bethany Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-3819
Gagnon, Pieter Senior Energy Systems Researcher 303-275-4910
Garcia, Anna Business Support-Executive Assistant 303-275-4607
Ghosh, Tapajyoti Researcher III-Environmental Engineering 303-384-6840
Gilroy, Nicholas Researcher III-Geospatial Science 303-384-7354
Grue, Nicholas Researcher III-Geospatial Science 303-384-7278
Gu, Jianli Researcher III-Cloud Systems Engineering 303-275-4209
Hale, Elaine Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7812
Hanes, Rebecca Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4397
Hardison, Rob Markets and Policy Researcher 303-275-4989
Harrison-Atlas, Dylan Researcher IV-Geospatial Science 303-384-7427
Heath, Garvin Distinguished Member of the Research Staff 303-384-7460
Heeter, Jenny Researcher V-Market Research Analysis 303-275-4366
Heimiller, Donna Sr. Geospatial Data Scientist 303-275-4667
Hernandez, Stephanie Project Manager III-Research Support 303-384-6607
Hettinger, Dylan Geospatial Data Scientist 303-275-3750
Hotchkiss, Eliza Group Manager III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-7309
Hudman, Melissa Specialist IV-Recruiting Associate 303-384-7985
Huggins, Jay Researcher IV-Software Development 303-275-4349
Huo, Zoe Engineer 303-384-7299
Hurlbut, David Researcher VI-Economic/Financial Analysis 303-384-7334
Inman, Danny Researcher V-Environmental Science 303-275-4997
Jadun, Paige Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-384-6887
Jenne, Dale Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7248
Jorgenson, Jennie Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-3103
Joshi, Mohit Energy Systems Modeler & Analyst 303-384-6596
Keyser, David Economist 303-275-3201
Krishnamurthy, Dheepak Distribution System Researcher 303-384-7394
Lamers, Patrick Researcher IV-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7625
Langle, Nick UX Engineer / Performance & Human-Computer Interaction Development 303-275-3775
Levie, Daniel Researcher II-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6207
Levine, Aaron Senior Legal and Regulatory Analyst 303-275-3855
Lewis, John Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3021
Lockshin, Jane Researcher II-Geospatial Science
Logan, Jeff Chief Analyst 303-384-7474
Lopez, Anthony Researcher V-Geospatial Science 303-275-3688
Macknick, Jordan Researcher V-Environmental Science 303-275-3828
Maclaurin, Galen Group Manager III-Data Science 303-275-3846
Mai, Trieu Senior Energy Analyst 303-384-7566
Margolis, Robert Senior Energy Analyst 202-488-2222
Mayernik, Jack Project Manager IV-Research Support 202-488-2209
McCall, James Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3759
McMillan, Colin Researcher IV-Operations Research Analysis 202-488-2251
Miara, Ariel Energy, Water and Environment Research Analyst 303-384-6298
Milbrandt, Anelia Senior Research Analyst 303-275-4633
Mooney, Meghan Researcher III-Geospatial Science 303-384-7315
Mukkamala, Saikrishna Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3625
Murphy, Caitlin Senior Energy Policy Analyst 303-275-4716
Murphy, Sinnott Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-384-6991
Newes, Emily Group Manager III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-3802
Nicholson, Scott Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3897
Novacheck, Josh Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-3269
Palchak, David Group Manager II-Model Engineering 303-384-7456
Popovich, Neil Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3074
Porro, Gian Laboratory Program Manager II-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7530
Ranola, Jo Ann Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7981
Roberts, Billy Researcher IV-Geospatial Science 303-275-3824
Rose, Amy Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3182
Rosenlieb, Evan Researcher III-Geospatial Science 303-275-4098
Rossol, Michael Researcher IV-Data Science 303-275-3680
Ruth, Mark Group Manager III-Environmental Science 303-384-6874
Salyer, Dani Professional III-Program Coordinator 303-384-7439
Sandor, Debra Project Manager IV-Research 303-275-3029
Schwab, Amy Senior Project Leader 303-384-6235
Schwabe, Paul Professional VI-Business Manager Lead 303-384-7468
Schwarz, Marty Researcher II-Model Engineering 303-275-4482
Shah, Monisha Researcher IV-Policy Analysis 202-488-2229
Sittler, Lauren Researcher II-Environmental Engineering 303-384-6217
Sky, Haiku Researcher IV-Geospatial Science 303-384-7464
Smith, Ligia Legal and Regulatory Analyst II 303-275-4873
Speer, Bethany Researcher IV-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7421
Stanley, Trevor Researcher I-Software Development 303-275-4403
Stehly, Tyler Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-384-7190
Steinberg, Daniel Senior Researcher and Group Manager--Economics and Forecasting 303-275-4287
Stephen, Gord Grid Systems Research Engineer 303-384-7317
Sun, Yinong Energy Systems Modeler and Analyst 303-275-4018
Taverna, Nicole Geothermal Data Analyst 303-275-3732
Upasani, Shubhankar Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7032
Uriarte, Caroline Project Manager III-Research 303-275-4292
Vimmerstedt, Laura Researcher V-Systems Engineering 303-384-7346
Waechter, Katy Researcher II-Geospatial Science 303-275-4610
Weber, Elizabeth Project Manager III-Research Support 303-275-4498
Weers, Jon Lead Technologist and Data Systems Architect 303-275-3701
White, Camille Project Controller 303-384-6229
Williams, Juliana Energy Markets and Policy Specialist 303-384-6119
Williams, Travis Researcher II-Geospatial Science 303-275-3798
Zhang, Yi Min Researcher IV-Environmental Engineering 303-275-3258
Zhou, Ella Senior Modeling Engineer 303-275-3293
Zimny-Schmitt, Daniel Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-4661