Voluntary Green Power Procurement

NREL has tracked the voluntary green power market since its inception in the 1990s to help corporate purchasers, utilities, and others selling renewable energy products understand available renewable options and move renewable energy forward.

Voluntary green power is separate from renewables used to meet state renewable portfolio standards. View visualizations of NREL's voluntary green power market data over time. View U.S. voluntary green power market data for 2022.

2022 Utility Green Pricing Program Ranks

NREL has evaluated utility green pricing programs and published 2022 rankings. The 2022 and previous annual rankings provide assessments of utility green pricing programs in terms of green pricing customers and sales as well as the percentage of green pricing customers and the percentage of green power sales.

2021 Data

Status and Trends in the Voluntary Market Report (2021 Data)
In 2021 the U.S. voluntary green power market grew to 244 million MWh sold to 8 million customers. The report covers trends in utility green pricing programs, utility renewable contracts, competitive suppliers, unbundled renewable energy certificates, community choice aggregations, and power purchase agreements. Some of the report data are available in Excel through the NREL Data Catalog.

Renewable Energy Procurement Options by Utility

NREL has developed a comprehensive list of renewable energy procurement options available by utility and municipality nationwide. NREL has also developed a separate list of active utility green pricing programs with more detailed information on these programs. To NREL’s knowledge, these lists identify all active procurement options or green pricing programs nationwide. We welcome your input; if you see that a program is missing or inaccurate, please contact Jenny Heeter.

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