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Data, Tool, or Model Primary Use Energy Technology or Source Primary Geographic Area Publicly Available System Cost Analysis System Performance Analysis
Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) Cost and performance projections Battery storage, coal, geothermal, hydropower, natural gas, nuclear, PV, concentrating solar power, wind Site-specific, state, national
Bioenergy Scenario Model (BSM) - OpenEI Domestic fuels supply-chain model Biomass National    
Cambium Structured data sets of hourly cost, emission, and operational data Battery storage, biomass, coal, concentrating solar power, geothermal, hydropower, natural gas, nuclear, PV, oil-gas-steam, pumped hydro storage, wind State, national
Circular Economy Lifecycle Assessment and Visualization Framework (CELAVI) Models impacts of clean energy supply chains during circular transitions Wind, solar Site-specific, state, national    
Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool (CREST) Economic, cash-flow model Biomass, fuel cells, geothermal, PV, concentrating solar power, wind State, national  
Technology Characterization and Evaluation (Tyche) Evaluate impacts of research and development investments on technology progress under uncertainty Any NA
Distributed Generation Market Demand (dGen) Model U.S. customer adoption model Battery storage, distributed energy resources, geothermal, PV, wind Site-specific, state, national    
Demand-Side Grid (dsgrid) Toolkit Electricity load model PV, wind National      
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection Tool (EVI-Pro) Lite Electric vehicle charging demand and load profile projections Electric vehicles Site-specific, state  
Energy Data Books Annual energy-sector data Fossil fuels, renewable energy National, global    
Geospatial Data Science Data and Tools Geographic information system tools and maps Biomass, geothermal, hydropower, marine, hydrokinetic, PV, concentrating solar power, wind Site-specific, state, national    
Geothermal Data Repository - OpenEI Geothermal data sets Geothermal Site-specific, state, national
Holistic Electricity Model (HEM) Stakeholder-centric electricity systems model PV, Electric power systems and components NA    
Jobs & Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Models Power generation economic model Coal, geothermal, marine, hydrokinetic, natural gas, concentrating solar power Site-specific, state    
Land-based Balance of System Systems Engineering (LandBOSSE) Model - GitHub Balance-of-system cost model Wind    
Low-Income Energy Affordability Data (LEAD) Tool - U.S. Department of Energy Low-income household energy model Coal, fuel oil, natural gas, wood, solar Site-specific, state, national    
SolarAPP Automate and deliver instant permitting for solar Residential Photovoltaics National
Solar TRACE Transparency into permitting, inspection, and interconnection data Residential Photovoltaics National
Simple Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) Calculator Cost, operation, maintenance model Renewable energy Site-specific
Open Energy Data Initiative - OpenEI High-value energy research datasets and analytics tools Fossil fuels, renewable energy Site-specific, state, national, international
Marine Hydrokinetic Data Repository - OpenEI Marine and hydrokinetic technology database Wave, tidal, current, and ocean thermal energy Site-specific, state, national, international
Materials Flows through Industry (MFI) Manufacturing supply-chain model Fossil fuels, renewable energy      
National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) Hourly and half-hourly solar radiation measurements database PV, concentrating solar power National, international    
Probabilistic Resource Adequacy Suite (PRAS) Power system resource adequacy model Electric power systems Continental, regional  
PVWatts Production and cost model PV Site-specific
Regulatory and Permitting Information Desktop (RAPID) Toolkit - OpenEI Regulations and permitting information Geothermal, hydropower, PV Site-specific, state, national    
Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) Model Electric power sector model Fossil fuels, nuclear, renewable energy Site-specific, state, national    
Resource Planning Model (RPM) Capacity expansion model PV, wind State, national    
Renewable Energy Materials Properties Database Techno-economic assessment model PV, concentrating solar power, wind Site-specific, state, national, international
Renewable Energy Potential (reV) Model Techno-economic assessment model PV, concentrating solar power, wind Site-specific, state, national, international
REopt Lite Optimization model for economics or resilience PV, wind, battery storage Site-specific, state, national, international
Sienna Model individual and integrated infrastructure systems Electric power systems and components
Scenario Evaluation, Regionalization and Analysis (SERA) Model Transportation system model Fuel cells, hydrogen State, national      
Standard Contracts and Securitization Resources Contracts and securitization resources PV Site-specific
Standard Scenarios Outlook and Results Viewer Annual U.S. power sector scenarios Battery storage, geothermal, hydropower, nuclear, PV, concentrating solar power, wind National    
State and Local Planning for Energy (SLOPE) Modeled energy data driving state and local energy planning Energy efficiency by sector, renewable energy and fossil fuel technologies, and sustainable transportation data City, County, State    
Stochastic Energy Deployment System (SEDS) U.S. energy economy model Fossil fuels, renewable energy National    
Super-Resolution for Renewable Energy Resource Data With Climate Change Impacts (Sup3rCC) Energy system modeling under climate change futures Solar, wind, load Contiguous United States    
System Advisor Model (SAM) Performance and cost model Battery storage, biomass, geothermal, marine, PV, concentrating solar power, wind Site-specific, state, national
Utility Rate Database (URDB) - OpenEI Rate structure information Distributed technologies State, national    
U.S. Life Cycle Inventory Database Life cycle assessments All National    
Waste-to-Energy System Simulation Model (WESyS) U.S. waste-to-energy industry projections Biomass, bioenergy State, national    
The Wind Prospector Wind energy potential model Wind National