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Allocation Usage Tracking and Management

For NREL’s high-performance computing (HPC) systems, learn how to track and manage your allocations.

The alloc_tracker script (/usr/local/bin/alloc_tracker) may be used to see what allocations you have access to, how much of the allocation has been used, how much remains and how many node hours will be forfeited at the end of the current allocation quarter if they are not used.  alloc_tracker can also be used to find out how much space you've used in both user and project level directories. 

There are several options available to get more detailed information, including how many node hours each member of the project used. Use the --help option on the alloc_tracker command to see what information is available.

Another way to find out how much space in the /projects filesystem is used by your project is to use the lfs command as shown below:

$lfs quota -g <group name> /projects

For this command, the group name is the name of the Unix group that is associated with the project. This is the project handle in all lowercase letters.

To request an allocation, see system resource allocations.