Multifactor Tokens

Multifactor authentication is required to remotely access NREL's high-performance computing (HPC) systems.


  1. Obtain a registration code to set up your multifactor token. You probably received a registration code from the HPC Operations Team already, but if not you can request a registration code.
  2. Important!  Install Red Hat's FreeOTP Authenticator app on your mobile device (iPhone / Android) before proceeding as you will only have a few minutes to complete the process after logging in.  Other TOTP-capable apps may work but are unsupported.

Registration Code Request

If you need a new token registration code, request it here.

Token Enrollment

Once you have a registration code, click to enroll (set up) your token.

Token Enrollment

  1. From your workstation, use your web browser to visit
    • In the Username field, enter your HPC username.
    • In the Password field, enter your HPC password followed by the registration code you received.
    • Log In
  2. With your mobile device ready, click the Enroll Token button.
  3. On your mobile device, open the FreeOTP app and click on the square QR code at the top of the screen.
  4. Allow access to the camera (if prompted) and point the camera to the QR code displayed in the web browser on your workstation. Upon success, the QR code will disappear and your token will appear in your mobile app. Clicking on that token will display a six-digit code and countdown timer.
  5. You can now use your username, and your password followed by the six-digit code, to log into HPC remote access endpoints.