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Lex Resource Management System (Beta)

Lex is a system for managing your HPC resource assignments, account information, and tracking utilization. 

Note:  Lex is currently in development with beta functionality available.  An HPC Account is required for access.

To access Lex from outside of NREL, use the HPC Pulse Gateway.  Open a web browser to  Accept the terms of service.

Screenshot of notice to users with the “Proceed” button circled in red.

Sign in using your NREL HPC user name and password+token.

Screenshot of pulse connect secure login screen with “Password+OTP” circled in red.

Find and open the web bookmark for Lex.

Screenshot of web bookmarks showing “Lex – HPC User and Allocation Management System” circled in red.

Adding/Removing Project Users

Log in to Lex with your username and password.

Screenshot of Lex login with the following text in red: “Password Only – No Token.”

You should arrive on a landing page with your projects listed.  Click on a project resource to manage it.

Screenshot of Lex landing page.

Click the User List button to manage individual access to the project.

6. Screenshot of project detail information with the “User List” button circled in red.

You can now add or remove email addresses from the entitlement list.  Submit the changes when done.

Screenshot of the project allocation user list