Remote Connection via SSH Gateway

For connecting to systems hosted in NREL's high-performance computing (HPC) environment.

If you’re connecting remotely from a non-NREL computer, follow these instructions for connecting via the SSH gateway.

Note: Eagle users are best served by their dedicated external access points.  See Connecting to HPC Systems for more information.  For security reasons, you cannot use SSH gateway connections for tunneling, X11 visualization, or file transfers. You'll need a VPN connection for those tasks.

You'll need your HPC username, password, and a multifactor token to proceed. With that, you can SSH to the gateway server, and from there, jump to other HPC systems.

Gateway server:
Username: Your HPC username
Password: Your HPC password PLUS the 6-digit token

On Windows:Follow the PuTTY documentation to connect. Make sure to connect to host

On Mac or Linux: Use the built-in Terminal app to execute the following command:

ssh <username>

The first time you log in you will be prompted to verify the RSA/ECDSA key fingerprint. Depending on which version of OpenSSH you're using, you will see one of the fingerprints below. Verify the fingerprint matches one of these and enter yes. If the fingerprint does not match, please contact us before proceeding or allowing the connection.

For the RSA key fingerprint (md5 hash in hex format)

Screenshot of the fingerprint

or for the ECDSA key fingerprint (md5 hash in hex format)

Screenshot of the fingerprint

or these are the SHA256 hashes shown in OpenSSH 6.8 and newer (in base64 format):

ECDSA SHA-256 D4PVzzJp19f67JKjq8e2NWGt41yragvpkYHdtIs1rEo
RSA SHA-256 tcLwOzN7vW5f+4ulUVggl3f690QEyLk31mZHReV3+W0


Assume your username is juser, your password is ^somEAw40meB4zz, and the token displays 392954.

Windows: Open PuTTY and connect to

Mac or Linux: Open Terminal and run ssh

At the password prompt, enter your password combined with the token display:

After a few seconds, you should be logged into the hpcsh gateway server. From there, you can ssh to Eagle or other HPC systems by executing the command:

ssh <hostname>

For example, to connect to Eagle, use...


You will be prompted to log into the new system; use your username and password only (no token this time).

Having trouble? As always, contact us.