Learn about the policies governing high-performance computing (HPC) at NREL.

Principal investigators are responsible for ensuring that these policies—along with procedures and security rules—are followed by their organizations and by HPC users working under their supervision. 

Appropriate Use

Learn about policy governing user accountability, resource use, use by foreign nationals, government rights, usernames and passwords, multifactor tokens, account usage, compromised accounts, software and data, data retention, deviations, and monitoring and privacy.

Project Allocations and Accounts

Learn about the policies governing project allocations and user accounts, including their different states.

Data Security

Learn about the data security policy, including data protection, data security levels, personally identifiable information, and levels of potential impact.

Data Retention

Learn about the data retention policy, including project-centric and user-centric data.

Mass Storage System

Learn about the polices for using the Amazon Web Services Mass Storage System.

Shared Storage Usage

Learn about a policy governing allocations for the /projects shared resource.

Inappropriate Use

Learn what constitutes inappropriate use and how such use is handled.

Acknowledgement of Use

Scientists who publish results of research that was performed using NREL Computational Science Center resources and capabilities should include an acknowledgement in any publications that result from that work. This includes journal articles, presentations, reports, proceedings and book chapters. Please use the text:

"(A portion of) The research was performed using computational resources sponsored by the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and located at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory."