Storage Quotas for Projects

For the Eagle system, hard quotas have been set to approved storage allocations for projects. This encourages system users to run their jobs in /scratch and move/copy only the directories/files needed for project to /projects.

Storage quotas are based on a fiscal year's project resource allocations. They are implemented using Project IDs assigned to each project, so users in multiple groups won't impact other projects' quotas. 

How To Determine Storage Quota Usage

To determine your quota usage, run the following commands for your project:

  1. To determine your Project ID run:

    lfs project -d /projects/csc000

    110255 P /projects/csc000

    In this case, 110255 is the Project ID for project csc000.

  2. To see usage towards your quota, run:

    lfs quota -p 110255 /projects/csc000

    Disk quotas for prj 110255 (pid 110255):
    Filesystem kbytes quota limit grace files quota limit grace /projects/csc000 3165308* 3072 4096 - 48 1073741824 2147483648 -

    An asterisk(*) indicates the project has exceeded its quota of storage, and writes to /projects/csc000 are not allowed.

What To Do If You Exceed a Storage Quota

If you exceed your storage quota, you have several options:

  1. Remove any unneeded files and directories from your project.

  2. Tar and compress files/directories from your project.

    1. Since writes are suspended, you can use your /scratch subdirectory to tar and zip the files, remove them from /projects, then copy the tar-zipped file to /projects:

      tar czvf /scratch/msolari/csc000-msolari-files-20201001.tgz /projects/csc000/<Directories-files-to-tar-and zip>

      Verify the files:
      cd /scratch/msolari
      tar xzvf csc000-msolari-files-20201001.tgz
      rm /projects/csc000/<Directories-files-to-tar-and zip>

      mv /scratch/msolari/ csc000-msolari-files-20201001.tgz /projects/csc000/csc000-msolari-files-20201001.tgz

  3. Tar and compress files, copy/move them to MSS, then remove them from the project directory.

    1. Have the principal investigator (PI) justify the requirements for additional storage to be approved for the project and submit to the HPC Operations email.

      If your additional storage needs are temporary, please outline the capacity and length of time the project needs the temporary space.