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User Accounts

Learn how to request an NREL HPC user account.

Request an HPC Account

To request an HPC account, please complete our request form.  This form is provided using DocuSign.


NREL’s HPC systems are configured to use an NREL HPC account and password as login credentials.  NREL HPC accounts have an accompanying two-factor authentication system, used for access from outside the NREL network. Learn more about connecting to a system.

As a user facility, anyone who has an allocation is eligible to request an NREL HPC account. Each allocation has an associated project handle, which was specified as part of the allocation request. Learn how to request a resource allocation.

Also see information on user account policies.


Logging in for the first time? Forgot your HPC account password? Or do you need to change it?

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Need assistance with an existing HPC account or have a question? Provide your allocation project handle with request for assistance.

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