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Systems Engineering Workshop 2019

The Systems Engineering Workshop 2019, held Oct. 2–4, 2019, in Pamplona, Spain, focused on wind power plants in the 21st Century and applying advanced methods in wind energy systems engineering.

NREL hosted the biennial event with the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENER) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Meeting Agenda

View the program overview.

View the full program agenda.

Links to PDF versions of many of the presentations are available in the summary of the meeting agenda below.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

Spanish Experience. Renewable Energy Integration in Ancillary Services, Marta Pérez García (REE)

Levelized Cost of Energy: Update of Recent Trends (General and Offshore), Tifenn Brandily (BNEF)

Levelized Cost of Energy Alternatives: System Value and Other Profitability Metrics (Capacity Value, Time Varying Revenue, etc.), Philipp Beiter (NREL)

Variance Reduction in Wind Farm Layout Optimization, Andrew PJ Stanley (Brigham Young University)

Origins of Systems Engineering and MDAO for Wind Energy Applications (Wind Turbine Design), Carlo Bottasso (TUM)

Expansion of Systems Engineering in Wind Energy to Plant Design Applications, Ewan Machefaux (Vestas Wind Systems A/S)

Rethinking Plant Operation and Control – Maximizing Profitability Over the Plant Lifetime, Christopher Bay (NREL)

Vortex Induced Vibrations in High Soft Steel Tubular Towers, Javier Alonso (SGRE)

XXL Wind Turbine Challenges, Arantxa Esparza (Nabrawind)

Breaking the Ice for The MDAO Ship, Sebastian Sanchez Perez-Moreno (Innogy)

Hybrid Storage Systems in Renewable Energy Integration: Barasoain Case Study, Eugenio Guelbenzu (Acciona Energy)

Thursday, Oct. 3

Twin-Rotor Floating Wind Platform Development, Pedro Mayorga (Enerocean)

Advanced MDAO For Wind Power Plant Design, Katherine Dykes (DTU)

High-Fidelity Wind Turbine Blade Design Enabled by Adjoint Techniques, Frederick Zahle (DTU)

Large-Scale Gradient-Based Optimization for Wind Energy Systems, Andrew Ning (BYU)

Friday, Oct. 4

BLADE OASIS/BASFF, Ainara Irisarri (CENER) and Iñaki Nuin (CENER)

WISDEM and FLORIS, Pietro Bortolotti (NREL), Garret Barter (NREL), and Christopher Bay (NREL)

HAWTOpt2/Topfarm, Katherine Dykes (DTU)

Cp-Max, Luca Sartori (POLIMI)