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The National Wind Technology Center comprises the necessary infrastructure, highly experienced staff, and state-of-the-art equipment needed to provide its partners and stakeholders with a full spectrum of research and development capabilities to develop everything at one location.

From conceptualizing taller turbines capable of greater energy capture to assessing the United States' offshore wind energy needs and potential, the National Wind Technology Center drives industry acceleration. The 305-acre site experiences diverse and vigorous wind patterns of more than 100 miles per hour, making it the ideal setting for evaluating the reliability and performance of wind turbines.

Land-Based Wind

Wind power plant controls, reliability, and full-scale field research validation

Distributed Wind

Small wind design, modeling, simulation, resource characterization, analysis, and manufacturing

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind controls, reliability, modeling and simulation, and validation and certification

Grid Integration

Wind power grid system characterization data and models

Market Acceleration

Deployment energy and economic analysis, maps, forecasting, workforce development, and education

Partner with Us

NREL and the NWTC have an outstanding performance record for advancing wind turbine science and lowering the cost of wind-generated electricity alongside our partners. We offer industry, academia, and government agencies opportunities to work with us and leverage our research expertise.